15 Times Blair Waldorf From ‘Gossip Girl’ Taught Us To Stand Up For Ourselves

The queen of the Upper East Side never takes no for an answer.

The CW Network’s teen drama television show, Gossip Girl, curated some of the most quotable characters in TV teen drama history. The most iconic being Blair Waldorf — queen of the Upper East Side — who was played by Leighton Meester. Even without her copy-cat minions or handsome (and powerful) boyfriend Chuck Bass — played by Ed Westwick — by her side, Waldorf could handle any situation that came her way.

She was fearless, confident, and taught all young girls and women alike to be their own boss.

The TV series revolved around rich (and not so rich) teenagers living in New York City. They gossiped (duh), laughed, cried, and shopped. In the Upper East Side, nothing was off limits and there were no rules to making a claim to fame and fortune.

Blair Waldorf always knew what she wanted. She never took …

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