Happy Birthday Wishes For Sister, Janamdin Shayari in Hindi

Birthday Wishes Sms Status Shayari For Sister – स्वागत हैं दोस्तों, आज एक ख़ुशी का पल हैं हम जानते है की आज आपकी प्यारी बहना का जन्मदिन हैं और आप उसे सबसे पहले और सबसे अच्छी wish भेजना चाहते हैं. दोस्तों भाई बहन या बड़ी छोटी बहनों में रिश्ता बहुत खास होता है हम आपस में चाहे जितना लड़ ले लेकिन एक दुसरे के बिना हमारा दिल भी नही लगता. तो दोस्तों आप निचे दिए गये बहुत सारे Status, Shayari और Wishes Sms में से अपनी बहन के लिए Best Birthday Wishes कॉपी करिए और उनको Facebook या Whatsapp पर Tag कर दीजिए.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Sister in Hindi

Birthday Wishes Sms for Sister in Hindi

ऐ रब, मेरी दुआओं में असर इतना रहे,
मेरी बहन का दामन हमेशा खुशियों से भरा रहे,
जन्मदिन मुबारक हो मेरी प्यारी #Sister

सब से अलग हैं बहन मेरी,
सब से प्यारी है बहन मेरी,
कौन कहता हैं खुशियाँ ही सब होती हैं जहाँ में,
मेरे लिए तो खुशियों से भी अनमोल हैं बहन मेरी.
Happy Birthday #_Moti

हैप्पी बर्थडे Sister
आज दिन बहुत खास हैं,
बहन के लिए कुछ मेरे पास है,
तेरे सुकून के खातिर ओ बहना,
तेरा #Brother हमेशा तेरे साथ हैं,
और आज तेरा जन्मदिन हैं इसीलिए सबसे पहले Party बाकि सब बाद में.

A Better Sister I Could Never Find. Really. Happy Birthday Sweet Sister..!

बार बार यह दिन आये,
बार बार यह दिल गाये,
तू जियो हजारों साल,
यही है मेरी आरज़ू तेरे लिए बहना हर साल.

Birthday Wishes

जिंदगी की सारी खुशियाँ मिले तुझे,
बस तुम बर्थडे पार्टी देना मत कभी भूलना… God Bless u Sister…

Yes, it’s true we’re family. But we also share a lifetime friendship that has remained strong for years and years. I love you, sister. Have a lovely birthday full of happiness and joy!

मिला है कितना प्यार मुझे तुझसे ओ बहना,
कैसे मैं ये दो लफ्जो में बतलाऊ,
तू रहे खुश हमेशा इसी दुआ के साथ,
तेरे जन्मदिन पर केक कटेगे बड़ा सा.
Happy Birthday My Sweet Sister

Birthday Wishes Sms For Sister

Wishes you a Very Very Happy Birthday My Dear Sister
ऐ ख़ुदा, मेरी दुआओं में इतना असर रहें,
फूलों से भरा सदा मेरी बहना का घर रहें.
Love u My Bhutni

खुदा करे बहन तेरी हर चाहत पूरी हो जाए,
हम तेरे लिए जो दुआ करें वो उसी वक़्त पूरी हो जाए.

कामयाबी तुम्हारें कदम चूमें,
खुशियाँ तुम्हारे चारों ओर हो,
पर भगवान से

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Latest Happy Birthday Wishes Text For Family and Friends

Birthday texts are messages which we send to our loved ones on their special day just to let them know even if we are miles apart but our hearts remain close. So if one of your friend’s or cousins’ birthday is approaching, you can send them a happy birthday wishes text or a birthday poem or verse and let them love the lines you have written. Just think about what you are about to send them in a funny, cute, or lovely message and check out their beautiful smile. You can also send these birthday messages to your girlfriend or boyfriend. 

Happy Birthday Wishes

Many websites have birthday text messages from which you can take help and write a nice message for your friend, cousin, lover, parents, grandparents, or spouse. Here you can find a host of messages including funny, sweet, and naughty messages. So according to your relationship with the person, you can find relevant messages. You can also easily find beautifully written quotes, which are unique and well written. If you want, you can also create a verse for anyone on their birthday.

Messages with beautiful captions and images are also present on what’s the app, you can send those. Else you can find some really nice images online, download them on your phone and send these through what’s an app to anyone whom you want to wish happy birthday. These days most people also use the medium of social media through which they can post messages. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter being some of the common platforms. 

Sending Birthday Messages at Midnight

When it’s your best friend’s birthday or your lover’s birthday, you definitely want to wish them just when the clock strikes 12 at night. But at times, it’s difficult to call someone so late and have a word, in that case sending a wish is the best way. You can send them a sweet birthday poem at 21 during the night. Your lover will just be so happy to see a message from you and nothing like a sweet message which not only wishes you but also tells how important you and your love is!

Sending Birthday Texts To Your Spouse

Now, this might look a bit strange when you take a first glance at these lines. I mean why send a text message to your husband or wife, when they live in the same house as yours. But …

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Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes for Friends, Family and Loved Ones

Birthday is a very special, day for everyone life’s and we all wait for this day, in our life. A Birthday text from the heart can bring many blessings, happiness, and a world of beauty to anyone’s special day. but some elderly, people should be wished by making them happy by taking them to past, experience and make them realize their importance, To wish someone’s birthday to someone is like, a blessing and proper respect for them.

One of the most special events in life to celebrate & rejoice is none other than your “BIRTHDAY”. It makes us remind that you reached another milestone in your life. And this day is celebrated in numerous ways by making the day more memorable & joyful. In whatever way you celebrate your near & dear one’s birthdays, the most significant place is held by your lovely greetings & messages which you wish them. Birthday holds a chapter of life filled with plenty of emotions of happiness, excitement & eagerness.

Happy Birthday Wishes Images

Good wishes and warm wishes are a blessing for each one of us from our loved ones. A wish is the most beautiful feeling which one shows to express their strong desire and hope for the other. We wish to show our desire, our hopes for something we want to happen in the life of our near and dear ones. The wish we send to our loved ones holds a lot of importance in their lives.

People are astonished, by this statement and they seem to be shocked it’s true, in one scene but wishes are attached to emotions, and emotions are attached to the feelings and happiness, stated by a person if they wish.

On our birthday, we all treated,  like a very special. this day our friend’s family gives us, blessing gifts and many more things. Below are some sweet birthday wishes which will give your friends family and loved ones special. feel the birthday is only the day, for which everyone should be pampered and excited, to make his/ her day special.

Here are some Birthday Wishes to share with your Friends, Family, and Loved ones.

Happy Birthday Wishes

“Wishing you health, love, wealth, happiness, and just everything your heart desires. Happy birthday.”

“Words cannot express how happy I am to say ‘happy birthday’ to you another year of your life. You are so special to me.. Happy birthday.”

“Wishing you

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Give Your Sister These Exciting Gifts on Her Birthday

If someone asks you who is the most important person in your life, you may say your mom, your dad, and your best friend. But we can’t underrate our bond with our sister. We can’t even explain their importance in our life. Sister’s are the most dazzling mishap in our life, isn’t it?

Gift ideas for your sister

Our sister plays a crucial role in our life, sometimes she drives us crazy, sometimes she scolds us like parents and sometimes she inspires you like an ideal. Yeah, we know that growing up with a sister is not an easy task, but now you can’t imagine your life without her.

But we can’t even deny a thing, that she is with us from day one- or before that, if she is your elder sister and whether she is your teen year sister.

The bond with your sister is indescribable, as it’s full of joy and fights at the same time. We know our sisters for years ago but still, when it comes to buying a perfect birthday gift for her, we all get puzzled like hell.

Don’t hustle as we create a catalog of some gift ideas for your sis. That she’s gonna love for sure, you can choose any one of these according to her like and preference. 

So let’s begin!!

1. Beaded Stretch Bracelet

Every girl loves to receive accessories from their loved ones, accessories are always welcomed as a present. So, you can also go for this option as these types of bracelets are pretty enough to complete your sister’s attire. This bracelet reminds her all the time that you are always there for her in hard and soft times. For creating a more tonnage to your present you can also pair some beaded domed shape jhumka earrings or an artificial kundan jewellery set with it.

2. Custom zodiac journal

This is a perfect gift for the sister who loves to write their daily journal. Writing a daily journal is really a good habit and you can make it more exciting for her by giving them a custom zodiac journal of her sign. This is a little boring but you can help her with this by personalized astrological sign journal.

3. Makeup organizer with a mirror

We all know how tough this is for girls to organize their makeup treasure. So, you can buy this makeup organizer for your lovely sister …

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