True Love Never Dies – Sam

Hello everyone! Here i am back after 4 years on this website from the time i posted my last post back in 2015. A love saga that started in  feb 2014, ends on apr 2019 with my gf getting married #arrangedmarriage. I am sharing with you the last somewhat poetry of our journey which i gifted her before her marrage.
You can read my earlier story when it was all started on this page –

It was an immence beautiful journey of 5 years of long distance relationship where we haven’t met ever in 5 years. The reason behind it was either to meet for lifetime or let it be. Since we were very well aware of our culture we decided not to meet because we don’t want to satisy with little happiness for few time. Let me tell you all those who felt broken after such instances we love each other a lot we were best friends and are best friends. I would recommend all the lovers to live in reality and not in dream world which would give you more power to accept the ongoing and limit expectation. Neither of us are broken because we promised oursleves to stay as best friends for life no matter what.
She even shared everything with her hubby who completely understand her now she is happy with him and me too. I know most of you will ask we should not talk now as she is married now and have someone else in her life, very true. We decided that if her hubby is okay with our frindship we will continue our friendship and else we would stop talking as to not complicate either of our life. We would have stopped our talk if her hubby is not fine with it.
Love never dies if you love someone by heart you don’t really curse them both of us know that we could not avoid such circumstances due to so many issues regarding our mrriage and have to accept for this life we are not meant to live together and rather decided to face it maturely. Yeah it felt bad, you miss those days and memories but it’s important to cherish them think for future we didn’t went to #devdasphase probably because we were prepared to face the reality.

It was the night of madness
when i came out of sadness..
An angel …

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In Our life, we takes lots of promises ,some we do and some we don’t but the reason behind was our selfishness.

This is not only a saga but also a message to everyone.
This story has started from the fresher’s day celebration in the L. COLLEGE, every college had a popular face and this college also had a popular boy ‘AVIAN’, AVIAN was a genuine, swaggy and cool nature type guy who was popular among girls and every girl wanted him as their partner.

AVIAN was a flirt handsome hunk who was not more than a dream boy for Girls, his mother was a house wife and his father was a BUSINESS MAN. AVIAN did whatever he wanted to do and somewhere he was good for nothing for his family, he was a good student but he didn’t know his goals.

AVIAN was living in th hostel because he wanted to enjoy the hostel life. 1st February 2014, FRESHERS’ DAY, there were so many students took admission in the L. COLLEGE of science and commerce, everyone was excited to meet new people whereas AVIAN was The G. S. of the COLLEGE so he had the duty to welcome new students. AVIAN also had a performance where he sang the friendship song for all freshers’ students.

AVIAN was performing and everyone was like cheering him up but in the mean time a girl entered the hall lately who’s also a fresher, her name was DIPA, DIPA was a small town girl who wanted to be a popular face of the COLLEGE in anyhow.

She was not only looking cute but also had a dazzling look. When she entered the hall, everyone was staring at er and she was kinda happy and standing with some girls watching AVIAN’s performance and those girls who were standing with start gossiping about AVIAN by saying AVIAN is so cute, I wish he is mine. DIPA in the same time ask everything about AVIAN so that she could shake her hand with AVIAN easily.

After that, she wanted to talk with AVAIN but AVIAN was a senior so he was not available, but one day when AVAIN was working on the college lab, DIPA entered and start talking with him through her eyes and AVIAN on the other side, he first time saw DIPA and got attracted to her but that time AVIAN was on …

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A promise on Promise day -II -Vixxu

2 years later,

DIPA completed her GRADUATION and her family wanted her to get married but she disagree to them because she wanted to work for herself as a writer, she wanted to publish a book about her life from when she met AVIAN and how they separated.
DIPA’S MOM allowed her but in one condition if she would marry after then. DIPA agreed and next day, AN ENGINEER came from a rich family, his name was KARAN, he was good looking but as usual ENGINEERS are boring. KARAN liked DIPA, Her family also liked KARAN. So, DIPA accepted the marriage proposal of KARAN.
KARAN wanted to meet DIPA alone to know more about DIPA.
KARAN set up a date, DIPA came with wearing a beautiful dress and KARAN was completely hypnotised in DIPA’S beauty, KARAN started the conversation with a big compliment.

KARAN:WOW! you’re looking damn beautiful.

DIPA: Thank you!

KARAN: I have to say that you have to control in your diet, I want you to look slim in our marriage day.

DIPA was uncomfortable talking with KARAN and start missing AVIAN. She didn’t even reply to KARAN and then KARAN eventually asked DIPA about her love life.

KARAN:Well, I did not have any ex relationship. Did you have?

DIPA: Yes!

KARAN:Oh my GOD! Are you virgin?

DIPA: Huh? I am…

KARAN: then, its fine.

DIPA was shocked and wanted to go home immediately and without having the dinner, she went to home.
DIPA told everything to her MOM about the date and beg her MOM that not to get marry this guy.
BUT, her MOM refused her decision and fixed the date of marriage ceremony.

DIPA went for the shopping with KARAN in the market, KARAN gifted her a luxury ring worth RS.50, 000 and some wedding particulars.
They came back to home late night and DIPA set down to the study table for the final touch of her book but in the mean time, the ink of the printer had finished and she had gone to the local store but in the same time, A full speed car came across DIPA and caught her and kept into the car.
She was screaming like hell but no one seemed to care, no one informed the police and though the boys were drunk, they raped her inside the Car and thrown her into the forest.
And, …

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My Lost Love.. BooBoo – Celina Sharma

Friends, today I’ll be telling you my story. My name is Celina. This is the story of my life, a very true heartbreaking story that brings tears to my eyes just by thinking what happen with me. My name is Celina and today I will be sharing my story with you guys, this story is obviously related to me and with the Love of my Life Booboo.

Me and Booboo met in 2016, we started off as strangers and over time became very good friends. We were really close as friends and I was in a Toxic relationship at the time. I had my ups and downs with the guy I was dating by the name of Rohit.. Eventually that ended. Booboo was there to help me, support me, and guide me through it all. Over time, I started growing feelings for Booboo, started thinking about him more than just a best friend. We were spending a lot of time together, hours upon hours sitting in the car, chatting, talking, so of course without a doubt my feelings for him grow harder and faster than ever. On the day of February 14 2018, Valentine’s Day which I was suppose to spend with my bf at the time but ex boyfriend now..

Rohit. But instead decided to spend it with Booboo. We had a great night of awesome talks, long drives, drinks. Upon having a few drinks I kissed him on the cheek and gave him a warm hug outside of the restaurant we were at and he hugged me back. I was shocked at what I just did and what happen. But I knew those were my inner feelings for him coming out under intoxication. The night still went well, without any awkwardness. I went home and was thinking about Booboo the entire time. The next day, I saw him again.. We drank again. And expressed our feelings for one another. We hugged, kissed, and became boyfriend and girlfriend. That was the day we got official. But wait, there was a twist in the story.. He knew my ex boyfriend because through me they were friends he did not know how to face him and tell him that he is now dating his Girlfriend, so we both started avoiding Rohit and continued living our life and spending our entire time together. Day and nighr we would be together without skipping …

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Will I be ever able to say? – Naina Aggarwal

I remember the day when i joined my new school in class 11. It was 24 april my first day.then i on second day of my school i joined a coaching.when i entered in coaching i saw a boy standing in front of me .he entered the same class which i was going to,i also entered and sat on third seat ,he was sitting on first seat so i was not able to see his face. I felt attracted towards  him before this i have never felt such type of things. I was like a tomboy in my old school and mistly boys were afraid of him.i didnt saw his face,didnt knew his name but felt something magical.when i went to school next day i saw that he was in my class and was absent for first two days. I recognised him without seeing his face. In coaching i got to know that he is shubham. I was not able to understand what was happening to me. I use to spot him everywhere.  My eyes used to search him everywhere.

We were nice frnds. Months passed and on 11 November we went on picnic to water park.both of us were together most of the time.even we played for a long time together with water in bus shubham sat in front of me.aftwr that time some beautiful incidents occurred and we gave some nicknames to tease each other. He use to call me kawaali and ahir and i used to call him pandit.some of my frnds were guessing names of boys suitable for me suddenly pandit (shubham)came and we passed a smile to each other.this was noticed by our frnds and they started to tease both of us by each others name. After months of teasing i realise that yes i love him❤. Then we went in class 12 but the teasing sctions went on and we used to blush on each others name.

His frnds use to call me bhabhi sometimes and ask what have i packed in his tiffin   . I knew that i love him but i never accepted that i do. I use to deny before if his frnds used to say to me that i dont like pandit but i love pandit.. i just got angry on him . It is very hard to hide feelings and especially from frnds. My frnds says that …

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An Uknown Girl Part I – Eklavya

Its evening and train departed from Ranchi to Vijayawada and my journey started next morning i think it was about 9:50 am so rush in train and no way to go to washroom even…anyhow i go out when train stop at vishakapatnam and brush my tooth and get ready for one girl entered in my coach at first i ignore her because i am not interested in all these love, friendship and bla,bla.

So next she come near to my birth no 23 as 23 no is something but i don’t know what she ask for a place to sit.i gave her a space and i busy in my breakfast i offer her some snacks,as someone is in front of you should ask thats why i do…then she introduce herself and ask me for the same as i dont have any experience about all these i dont know so i start talking about food and my college…thats i dont all these type of food she said you from Jharkhand its very why you come here…

I have no answer within all these i was feeling thirsty again and again..she was hungry so my friends offer foods and snacks as i told you before also..with me 2 more my friends are there who laughing at all know she is possessive with other with me she is not like that actually she talking she said you are very sure and i came to know that if you can make eye contact even i observe you not seeing me at all why i am not beautiful..i said no you are but i am not,she said no way you are good boy and cute also..ok now this time for end of journey and her designation at end she ask me to come outside to say good  bye with a last few words she said i love you and ask for kiss at last…. but i didn’t… nd to be continued………

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Samir&aisha half love story

Hello friends mera naam samir hai maine ab tak 3 stories post kar chuka hu jo inme se nimnlikhit hai(1)samir&aisha a true love story(2)mera pyar tera pyar(3)samir&aisha the untold love story /ab ye mera 4th love story hai main jaise pehle bhi bata chuka hu main jamshedpur ka rehne wala hu aap log to jante honge ki abhi sardi ka mausam hai yani(winter season)aap log bhi apne apne ghar me bed pe let kar tv ya family ke saath hoge aur ye season lover aur husband wife ke liye very romantic season hai to main bhi bed par let kar tv dekh raha hoon par mere sath abhi koi bhi nahi hai main abhi hollywood movie dekh raha hu ab main apni story start karta hoon baat tab ki hai jab main 10th class me tha main class me sabse best student tha mere friends exam ke waqt cheating bhi mera dekh ke karte the to us din mere dosto ke alawa 1 ladki bhi mera dekh ke cheating kar rahi thi main kuch nahi bola tiffin ke waqt main class me hi ruk gaya aur khidki se

bahar ki aur jhank raha tha fir main thodi der baad graund me gaya apne dosto ke saath cricket khelne laga bahut der tak khela fir ghanti jab lagi to main class me gaya aur jakar apne place me baith gaya aur fir jab main khidki ki taraf se jhank raha tha bahar ki aur to us ladki ke saath uski friends bhi thi jo usse milne aai thi main jaldi bahar ki aur gaya aur apni classmate se uske bare me pucha ki ye kon hai to wo boli meri friends fir main us ladki se hi hello ki uske baare me pucha to jante hai dosto woh mere ghar ke bagal wale road me rehti hai aur mujhe pata bhi nahi tha us din ke baad main uske ghar ke paas roj khada hone laga roj use dekhne laga kuch din yunhi chalata raha par ek din wo mujhe mili aur boli mera naam rani hai to main bola ki tum gussa to nahi hoti ho na mere dekhne se woh boli kya main samjhi nahi to main bola oye jaan ke anjaan mat bano samjhi na woh boli tum kya bol rahe ho mujhe kuch samajh me nahi aa raha to main bola thik hai samjha deta hu main …

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I got my True love- Ashutosh Singh

Ha maine bhi pyr kiya or utna hi intjaar kiya.
I was in 6 standard when i saw her.
She was looking stunning,very glamours.
The day i saw her i just lost in her smile.
The way she laughs i was like a person who stare a thing with full concentrate.
But destiny plays with me,that time i don’t have guts to go in front of her and tell me about my feelings.
So i just leave it on time.
But as we know if you love/like any one with your full desire than god makes it happen.
I had wait her for 10 years and now we are with each other.
I can’t explain about my feelings when i proposed her.
It was like a poet gets his poetry.
I was & i am very happy.
I jst want to say before telling bbbye.
I love her.
Thank you friends that’s from my side..…

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I Too Had a Love Story – Vishal Kushwaha

There was a boy, who loved a girl more than himself and She loved him too. Both were heartbeat of each other eventually. They loved each other alot and were in a serious committed relationship. They had talked about moving in together and getting married, They had promised to grow old together and many loving promises,they loved like two pigeons does. That girl also use to call him mumma cause of his that much love and care towards her. After 12th He then went to Kota for (IIT JEE prepration or for good college ), she continued
her college with computer science branch. Back then,
mobile phones were not allowed in her
college but She somehow managed and talk every days. He manages all his pocket money only to recharge and talk to her
daily. Everday their love increases .
His mother and fully family were knowing about this relationship even she talks with them. After few days the boy went back to his home- town after he appeared for JEE exam, everything was going fine. Results came and the boy not selected in IIT’s NIT’s but got one of best college in the world i.e INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY,Mumbai. He started his further studies but he was not happy with his branch   he decided to appear once again in JEE and He chose not to go, convinced his parents that next year, he’ll improve(only to remain with his sweetheart and get her in future forever) but eventually her interest decreases for him. 0:) He appeared again in JEE and got admission in VJTI,Mumbai again best govt. In india. Because of his carrier (may be) while changing college between that days The girl involved with another guy someone became best buddy for her.     He was unknown about this all. His best buddy proposed her and she too still he was knowing nothing.(New lover was an IITIAN )   :-:'( She started ignoring him every time by giving too many silly silly reasons like today I have to study lot , complete some project bla bla.. When ever he call,her calls comes keep on waiting later on again she gives different reasons. [[[ Once his call were last call of the every night and first call of every morning in her phone unfortunately ]] but she replaced with new one     . Still for her Every thing was same changes were only she …

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Kumar Real Love Story – Kumar Pankaj

I am Kumar Pankaj. I belong to India.I am a student of Final Year From Accounting & Finance From Lalit Narayan Mithila University Laheriasarai Darbhanga. I want From My Life is a chance or an opportunity to work in a Global organisation where I can learn ,earn and grow myself to become a true professional Personality.
There’s a Beautiful Girl Who loves me. She loves me too much so She cannot live without me.She says that if she is not mine, then not anyone, but I also say that if I do not belong to you then no one else.

We both have become the breath of each other, the day it does not matter, it becomes difficult for days to pass.
She does not sleep without me…..

“Now She Can’t Sleep Without Me
I Have A Confidence That, That Day Will Come I Will Sleep In her Open Hair !
I Will Keep On Dreaming In Dreams Of her!
I Love You Rani”
I cannot live without You………
She is’ in every feeling, and
Her story in every memory
can’t express it in words..

“Look once with attention in my eyes,
my love, it will be your face hidden inside,
to me and only to me you love all the day and nights!”
I am sure that one day my love will definitely be found.…

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