Pain Became My Friend Today | A Poem by Shannen Wrass

Pain became my friend today
She showed me how to hide
She’d been watching from a distance
Every tear I cried

Pain became my friend today
Reached out her hand to me
Then pulled me into darkness
Introducing misery

Pain became my friend today
She’s emptying my heart
She’s now my constant companion
Tearing me apart

Pain became my friend today
She isolates my soul
Now without her I am nothing
In her I’m consoled

Pain became my friend today
Saw me kneel down and cry
Then she lay down right next to me
Kissed my joy good-bye

Pain became my friend today
Acquainted me with sorrow
Who showed me how to dwell in agony
And fear the break of tomorrow

Pain became my friend today
She’s making my heart cold
Pain became my friend today
The only hand I hold…

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Neighborhood Disturbance | A Poem by Daniel Klawitter

Who knew
it would come to this?

Certainly not you
nor the birds twittering in the tree.

Or the squirrel
fidgeting by the flowerpot —

or the rain
in the rainbow —

no, not even me.
Not even I could have guessed

the things confessed by others
carried on the gossip of a breeze.

But we just sat there,
quiet as leaves —

when the disturbance
suddenly ceased.

Everyone was waiting
on everyone else

to see who might call
the police.…

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Shadowboxing | A Poem by Jeremiah Castelo

My shoulders are well oiled axles,
my fists are cannon balls

I am an uncompromised,
and unchallenged fresh breath of boldness

I am the statue of fastholding,
chiseled down from black diamond by the strong hand of craftsmanship

I am chaos’s more stable second cousin,
and favored uncle to the prodigals, the proliferates, the princes, and
the prodigies

I am the lion’s heart beat,
the war drum’s sporadic syncopation

I am the wolf pack’s collective sixth and seventh senses,
keen on the scent of blood, fear, and impending annihilation

I will not sway to the breath of your voice
nor will I stagger at the wind your weather weaves

Advance upon me and find yourself hard pressed against calloused
behind which is a wall,
and behind that wall,
an army

I pray you combust into flames and feathers at once should my name
birth from your lips

I pray my night guardsmen have eyes of eagles,
and my trumpeteers have breaths of behemoths should you ever encroach
upon my camp at dreaming hour

I promise to empress upon you pressure,
of a nature that spawns pearls, magma, and passionate revolution

But the only revolution that will come of your resistance is vertigo,
as you spiral downward into abysmal forgottenness

Now heed my words with intent lest you risk the fate of faded

May God be my strength as I destroy you

Eviscerate you

Annihilate you

I will obliterate you until the only remnant of your very existence
is but a vague memory,

of a fleeting idea

in a dream

inside a dream

inside a coma.…

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Palpable | A Poem by Guy Farmer

Only one point of view
Is respectable,
The moment ripe for
Grotesquely inadequate and
Malformed perceptions to
Populate well-meaning minds
Reacting from a place of
Pain and fear
Never admitted.

Maintain the momentum,
Eradicate dissenting utterances,
Sweep them under the rug as
Bothersome, trifling dust.
A new day arrives brandishing
A glinting sword, the
Contracted face of
Judgment unmistakable,
Zeal palpable.…

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Reassuring Words | A Poem by Guy Farmer

A series of crises jolt frail,
Susceptible minds into visceral fear.
Whom to blame, someone, anyone.
Single out the weakest,
Attach despective labels.
Rail against fabricated enemies of
Crumbling state of mind.
Revel in the reassuring words of
Mendacious itinerant salesmen,
Venal opportunists promising to
Protect you from your
Recurring, misplaced nightmare and
Restore order.…

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