She Woke Up | A Poem by Guy Farmer

She woke up, looked outside,
Went to the kitchen where she
Prepared a pot of tea,
Settled into her favorite chair,
The birds outside flitting about
Without a care in the world,
And continued thinking about
What had happened.…

Postponed | A Poem by Guy Farmer

Pulse racing,
Pupils dilated,
Awareness heightened,
Endorphins streaming,
Gulping air.
Harrowing experience
So close to the real thing.
What a rush,
He feels alive,
It begins wearing off
He’s forced to go back,
Be himself,
Look inside,
A fate postponed by
Each next thrill.…

Lack | A Poem by Guy Farmer

A complete lack of empathy.
A wall that has no end,
Too high to climb over,
Obscures the landscape,
Separates people who
Might have been friends,
Prevents understanding,
Love, humanity.…

Unfamiliar | A Poem by Guy Farmer

Charting an unsteady course
Home from a party where
He enjoyed twenty too many,
It struck him that he was in an
Unfamiliar house.
Stumbling through rooms,
Desperately trying not
To announce his presence or
Bother anyone,
Maddeningly unable to do
Anything but flounder
Helplessly as he careened
From point to point.
A sad young creature winding
Its way toward a place it
Doesn’t want to be.…

Not the Same | A Poem by Guy Farmer

Sitting in the dark
Clutching what he sees
As the last vestiges
Of his power and prestige.

Things have changed too much,
They’re just not the same
As when he was growing up,
Burdensome reality.

Everything was better when
Things rightfully went his way,
Not because of who he was,
Just by random chance.…

Yard | A Poem by Guy Farmer

Yard | A Poem by Guy Farmer

He hid the secret from his
Parents, a lovely couple who
Never made waves but were
About to find out what chaos
Means when his prized pet
Jumped the fence and attacked
Their closest friend in the
Neighborhood. A perfunctory
Slew of incredulity and denial
Followed the painfully foreseeable,
Preventable act only missed
By those who couldn’t think
Beyond their own yard.…

Fine Goat Outfits | A Poem by Guy Farmer

Fine Goat Outfits | A Poem by Guy Farmer

Few people understood his
Passion for dressing as a
Goat. Except, that is, for a
Very special goat he met
While on holiday in Greece.
When they were together,
There was no limit to the
Haberdashery, no
Insufferable arbiters of taste
Looking down their noses.
Just two friends dressing snappily,
Enjoying fine goat outfits.…

New Him | A Poem by Guy Farmer

No one could identify the exact
Moment when he turned the corner.
It might have been the death of his
Brother, or an unexpected call
Announcing he was to be a father, or
His hours being cut at the plant.

Regardless, he showed no exterior
Signs of discomfort except for the
Occasional grumpy comment.
He went on as if everything was
Business as usual, the new him
Gradually revealed.…

Palpable | A Poem by Guy Farmer

Only one point of view
Is respectable,
The moment ripe for
Grotesquely inadequate and
Malformed perceptions to
Populate well-meaning minds
Reacting from a place of
Pain and fear
Never admitted.

Maintain the momentum,
Eradicate dissenting utterances,
Sweep them under the rug as
Bothersome, trifling dust.
A new day arrives brandishing
A glinting sword, the
Contracted face of
Judgment unmistakable,
Zeal palpable.…

Reassuring Words | A Poem by Guy Farmer

A series of crises jolt frail,
Susceptible minds into visceral fear.
Whom to blame, someone, anyone.
Single out the weakest,
Attach despective labels.
Rail against fabricated enemies of
Crumbling state of mind.
Revel in the reassuring words of
Mendacious itinerant salesmen,
Venal opportunists promising to
Protect you from your
Recurring, misplaced nightmare and
Restore order.…