World Bicycle Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages That Will Make You Ride A Bicycle

Cycle your worries away on World Bicycle Day on June 3

Buying your first bicycle and learning to ride it is a part of life for almost all of us. Despite the bruises and scabs from falling from our bikes while learning, it is a memory we will always treasure. Bicycling is a very helpful sport – in today’s hectic world, riding allows us to exercise our muscles, reduce our fuel consumption since it is a popular alternative to driving a car, and enjoy the breeze in our hair.

There is nothing quite like the thrill of riding a bicycle. World Bicycle Day recognizes this, as well as the bicycle’s endurance and longevity.

Bicycling is wonderful for our physical and mental health, as well as the economy and the environment because it is a simple and sustainable mode of transportation.

For a variety of reasons, the United Nations founded World Bicycle Day. As simple as it is, the bicycle’s influence on society is extremely transformational – even the poorest individuals have access to basic transportation thanks to the bicycle.

It all began when US-based Professor Leszek Sibilski launched a grassroots movement with his sociology students to seek a United Nations resolution that would designate a day for the promotion and celebration of the humble bicycle all over the world. Sibilski began academic research in 2015 to investigate bicycles and their function in development. His effort sparked a large campaign sponsored by ‘Sustainable Mobility for All,’ culminating in a special worldwide day designated by the United Nations to promote biking.

The resolution designating June 3 as World Bicycle Day was overwhelmingly accepted by all 193 member nations of the United Nations General Assembly on April 12, 2018. Turkmenistan strongly endorsed the resolution, which was co-sponsored by around 56 countries.

So how are you planning to celebrate World Bicycle Day this year?

There are ample activities you can plan out for rejoicing this day. Check out these World Bicycle Day celebration activities:

  • Plan an early morning ride: We are confident that no matter where you are in the globe, your city or town will appear very different once you begin to explore it by bicycle. And many riders like the fresh air and breeze in their hair of early morning pedaling
  • Recognize the international celebration: “Cycling is a source of social, economic, and environmental advantages, and it is bringing people together,” the
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