You’re My Reason for Living | A Poem by Joseph Romano

Every placed I go your fair face beams.
You are a beautiful woman, you’re the woman of my dreams.
Your heart is loving and tender and forever forgiving.
You’re the reason I’m here, you’re my reason for living.
You opened your heat and gave me a new life.
Then you made me the happiest the day you became my wife.
And just when I thought you made me the happiest man in the world.
You presented us both with a new baby girl.

And just when I thought we had all the happiness and joy.
You presented us both with a new baby boy.…

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My Beautiful Mary | A Poem by Joseph Romano

When I look into the heavens, yours is the only face I see.
You are not only my lover and wife, you are my future fantasy.
Of all the woman I’ve ever known.
You my darling Mary are the one I chose to be my very own.
No other woman has done so many beautiful things to me
As wonderful as the things you’ve done to my fantasy.
I can live my life for a hundred or more years.
There is no other woman that can bring to me so many happy and joyful tears.
Mary my darling I love the way you took and molded me.
You took and made me into the man I thought I could never be.
We’ve been married now for sixty five years or more
And to this day you are the only one I love and adore.…

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My Fantasy World | A Poem by Joseph Romano

I look out into space and I constantly stare.
At a distant land I know not where.
I’m in a world that has meaning only to me.
When I’m living in my world of fantasy.
I drift away many times it seems.
To my little world of fantastic dreams.
With my troubles behind, I’m in a world without cares.
And with a blink of an eye I’m transported there,
My world is soothing and suspended in time.
It’s where I go to relax my mind.
This is a world of my very own.
Where the dreams are mine, mine alone.
Nothing in the world ever matters it seems.
When I’m lost in my world of fantastic dreams.…

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Windows of My Past | A Poem by Joseph Romano

There’s a wonderful world I found at last.
When I look into the windows of my precious past.
These windows pass me one by one.
And I look in to each to see the wonderful past things I’ve done.
A feeling of comfort soon soothes my fears.
As I see all the happy things I’ve done throughout the years.
And this is when I find happiness at last.
When I look into the windows of my precious past.…

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My Harsh Words | A Poem by Joseph Romano

My wife Mary is the most beautiful woman that ever lived.
Mary has a heart so big and is always ready to forget and forgive.
Mary has stuck with me for some sixty four or more years.
And last night my cross words made
My Mary cry a river of tears.

Last night the heat of then moment caught me off guard.
And the words I exchanged with Mary were mean and hard.
Forgive me my beautiful Mary for the harsh words I said.
It would have been better my dear if I had eaten and digested them

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La Cucaracha | A Poem by Joseph Romano

They scatter and they run as I open my door.
And when I look again, there are no more.
They run away all scared with fright.
They hide in my walls to keep out of sight.
And when I’m ready to leave and close my door.
They return again to dance upon my floor.
Then I suddenly reach out and I grab, I gotcha .
And when I look into my hand I see la cucaracha.…

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