15 Quotes To Convince You To Start Loving Yourself Right Now

Do you really know what it means to love yourself?

You’ve heard the term “love yourself” frequently enough, but you may not be certain what it really means. Loving yourself seems like an abstract idea that doesn’t really apply to you, right?

If you feel this way, it’s common. Self-love is a concept that a lot of people struggle with, and for good reason. It can seem fairly confusing as to how and why it’s important, even though everyone seems to agree that whether you “like” yourself or not is a big deal.

Is self-love pampering yourself with a mani-pedi? Getting that shirt you’ve been eyeing?

Or is it something more — like being able to spend time alone and single and be at total ease? Or having a cup of coffee with only yourself to keep you company and experiencing a sense of complete satisfaction?

At the base of loving yourself is liking yourself. Is being able to be at peace with yourself. So… Can you agree that you love yourself? Do you like yourself?

If you can’t readily admit to having a healthy dose of self-love, don’t fret. You can change the way you approach your relationship with yourself at any time — and now is as good a time as any.

The truth is that if you learn the type of love you need and you give it to yourself, you’ll know what kind of love you’ll need from every relationship you have in the future, whether it’s platonic or romantic connections.

How you treat yourself will set a precedent for how everyone else in your life is allowed to treat you, too.

But self-love is so much more than just self-care. Creating a boundary with how you talk to and interact with yourself is an important first step in the direction of self-love, which will teach you that you are enough.

When you can enter every relationship with your self-love cup full, you won’t be looking for something to “fill” your needs. You’ll go in as a whole person who knows their worth; not someone who needs another person to tell it to them.

Self-love is beautiful and necessary. You are the most important person in your life, and that’s the way it should be!

You deserve love. You deserve respect and courtesy. And you should be giving those things to yourself, first and foremost, and …

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50 Motivational Self-Respect Quotes To Remind You To Always Honor Yourself

A little respect goes a long way.

It’s hard sometimes to maintain a sense of pride and stay motivated about your life.

But this is something that you so desperately need in your life day in and day out, and these self-respect quotes will help get you back on track.

Believe me, I know everyone struggles with self-esteem every so often, especially if you have been torn down by other people all of your life. Bullies are bad and they are out there to destroy those they are threatened by. But the trick is to not let what they say come close to hurting your self-respect.

You just have to come to terms with who you are and start loving yourself. It is a difficult process, especially if you don’t feel worthy, but you are always worthy of your own respect.

You have to start reminding yourself that you are the only one that can take away your self-respect. No one else can. Always take the time and make sure you are not cracking when it comes to your self-respect. This is one thing that should be impenetrable. You live with yourself on a daily basis, so you must love yourself, warts and all.

Remember, the more you respect yourself, others will respect you on the same level too. It’s all about appearances and how you present yourself from the inside and out. Show that you respect yourself.

Now, if you have a hard time each day with your self-respect, you need to be able to look at motivational quotes that will help you realize your full potential.

50 Best Motivational Self-Respect Quotes

1. “You got nothin’ to lose but your self-respect.” ― Wendelin Van Draanen, Flipped

2. “I care for myself. The more solitary, the more friendless, the more unsustained I am, the more I will respect myself.” ― Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

3. “Happiness is the highest form of self-respect. A person who allows himself to be happy shows his self-respect.” ― Maery Rubin

4. “There is only one real misfortune: to forfeit one’s own good opinion of oneself. Lose your complacency, once betray your own self-contempt and the world will unhesitatingly endorse it.” ― Thomas Mann

5. “They cannot take away our self-respect if we do not give it to them.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

6. “I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except …

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50 Self-Love Quotes To Empower You To Be Confident No Matter How Much You Weigh

Everybody has a bikini body.

I would be lying if I said: “I have never been insecure about my body or weight.” The truth is I have. I think at one point or another we all wished we could be as skinny as our friend who seems to get all the guys, not realizing she had her own insecurities too.

I’ve yet to meet a woman who is 100% percent confident in her body or who does not have a single desire to change something about it. I’m even still learning how to fully love my body regardless of what the scale says.

As women, we go through several physical transformations ranging from puberty and all the way to menopause. It’s incredible to see how our bodies are able to transform and create life. So of course during these transitions, your weight is going to fluctuate. But your confidence or self-worth should not be a direct result of the number on the scale.

Your weight is ever-changing, but your worth doesn’t have to be.

My journey of body acceptance has had its ups and downs. But I can truly say it was completely worth it! Believe it or not, when I was at my fittest, I wasn’t the most confident. I would constantly think of ways to get more toned because I wasn’t internally satisfied with my body. I thought it could be so much better because I was comparing my body to other fit girls. I was literally working out two hours a day, five times a week, and at the time I loved it because I could eat whatever I wanted.

Unfortunately, once I stopped working out as much my unhealthy eating habits started to catch up to me. Now that I’m at the heaviest I’ve ever been, I’ve never been more confident and appreciative of my body. Don’t get me wrong, I still have fitness goals. But my priorities have just shifted to fully loving my body, every step of the way. Now I eat healthy because I love the way it makes me feel and I workout because I enjoy it.

I started loving myself flaws and all, and you can too.

When you realize you are more than a number on a scale and more than how you look, you will start to see how beautiful you are regardless of what the scale says. Your …

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50 ‘Be Yourself’ Quotes That Teach You To Live Unapologetically

Living your life unapologetically helps you go through life more stress-free.

It’s difficult to find people who are original. They don’t have to sugar coat their life, to make it seem better than it is. Sure, fitting with the ‘in-crowd’ gets you into the social circle, but you could be hindering your identity unintentionally.

If you build relationships on fake smiles and giggles, then you don’t have a relationship at all. Trying to fit in is exhausting to your mind, body, and spirit. It will produce negative energy, when in fact just being yourself can creative positive ones.

Think of the ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ options on our computer screens. If we all want to adhere to the perfect person, according to social media and the news, then no one would ever tell us apart. Creating your own voice in a sea of people who want to replicate each other, creates a healthier version of yourself.

“Those who inspire others are people who are themselves. Why not try to be an inspiration to others?” – Annette Szproch

This comes to play when we accept who we are. We’re all made uniquely different, and embracing that is how we become a role model for others. With all the filters that Instagram offers, wouldn’t it be nice to show off to not have to choose? Confidence in ourselves is the best filters we can show off to the world because it not only builds us but others as well.

Being real with others allows us to create stronger bonds and better clarity of our own reflection. Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror, wondering who the other person staring back is? I’ve been there and I’ve realized how much harm comes from just not loving our own reflection. This could be a lack of self-image care. We don’t work on ourselves enough to value our strengths and recognize our weaknesses.

The more we accept our faults, the easier it will be to accept others. We’re all human so let’s start acting like it. We are not made out of aluminum and steel. Blood, emotions, and neurons are what make us all connected. If we truly want deeper connections with others, then we have to try to connect with ourselves first.

If you need the inspiration to begin your journey on finding and loving yourself, here are the best “be yoursef” quotes …

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50 Self Care Quotes About Putting Yourself First

The key to loving someone else is to start by loving yourself.

There are many times in our lives where we give our family, friends and significant others more love than we think we can produce. Sometimes we give so much and don’t bother to expect anything back.

You are not the only person who has forgotten to love the most important figure in life: you. We become wrapped up in trying to help others and give them an immense amount of love that we forget to check in on ourselves from time to time. Self care is important — actually the most important. The moment where we neglect our own mind and emotions is the day where the storms will constantly hit home.

The reason you may fall short of taking care of yourself is beyond the stigma of “not loving ourselves.” Life gets in the way, especially when you’ve got a family to look after and a job that demands your attention 24/7.

There is no reason to push yourself beyond your limits. Everyone deserves a chance to sit down and breathe for a moment. Without caring for yourself, there are a lot of mental and physical strains that will prevent you from living the life you deserve.

You may become stressed out, anxiety-filled, and plain out exhausted from the most simple activities. When you forget about yourself and tend to other’s needs, who is there to care for you? Practicing self-care is crucial during any time in our life.

Start by waking up every morning and doing a 15-minute yoga session. Look in the mirror and tell yourself three things you admire! These may seem cliche and of course, you are not obligated to do anything you do not want to do. However, it may be for the best to start learning to love and appreciate you no matter what is going on.

Our collection of the best self-care quotes are powerful reminders to love yourself despite the things going on around you, and to put yourself first.

1. An act of survival.

“I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival.” — Audre Lorde

2. Do not forget your neighbors.

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” — Maya Angelou…

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50 Body-Positive Quotes To Help You Learn To Love Your Body

The best quotes about loving your body.

Sadly, as women, we don’t appreciate and love our bodies the way we should — there always seems to be a desire for a better body than what we already have.

We sometimes think, “If I only had a thigh gap,” or “if my abs were more defined” … like if we were somehow able to achieve these traits we see on other girls we envy, we might feel less insecure.

It can be so easy to find flaws with our bodies and it becomes normal to avoid mirrors at all costs. You don’t like sitting down with a bathing suit on because your rolls show, or you’re convinced that everyone who sees you is thinking about how fat or skinny you are.

Well here’s a tip for you: it doesn’t have to be that way. You can actually like your body — and these body-positive quotes can teach you how to love your body as-is.

Sometimes we think that we can’t embrace our bodies until we reach our goal weight or finally look the way we picture. But that’s just not true, and that goal to be perfect is not attainable.

You can hope for and work toward physical changes while still loving the skin you’re in. Just because you accept your body for what it is doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement.

And the truth is, once you truly love your body, you’ll be better equipped to create the healthy lifestyle you want. When you respect your body, you may be more inclined to eat nourishing foods and exercise in ways that make you feel good — inside and out.

It all starts with acceptance. If we don’t love our bodies, how can we expect others to?

It’s okay to struggle with this idea of body-positivity. I have for a long time and still continue to every day, but I’ve learned that I can’t grow if someone’s being mean to me, so I shouldn’t do it to myself.

I wish I could say it’s effortless to love your body, but it’s not. There’s no simple answer on how to accept yourself.

It helps to remember the little girl inside of you. Would you be upset with her for eating a chocolate bar? No, you’d probably tell her she deserves it. Would you ever call her fat? Absolutely not.

You shouldn’t …

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40 Empowering ‘I Love Me’ Quotes To Give Yourself For Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

Single and loving (myself).

Self-love is an unconditional type of love that thrives on self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-acceptance. We’ve heard it told time and time again, self-love is the best love. That really is true, because self-love can never be taken away from you. It’s a permanent form of love, unlike the love that comes from other people.

Taking time to love yourself is time well spent. You can always count on yourself to love you no matter what, so you don’t have to fear heartbreak or loss.

Another person cannot love in the true fullness that you deserve to be loved. That love that can’t be fulfilled by others only comes from you. You are the only one who knows how you deserve to be loved.

The love that you give yourself is a representation of the love you think you deserve. That’s why it so important to practice self-love. Self-love allows you to see your worth and value.

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, it can be depressing to see all those happy couples going on dates and talking about how to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and all those sickly sweet rom-com trailers — but don’t be discouraged.

You have your own love story … starring you. Valentine’s day is a day about love.  Who cares if people think Valentine’s day is meant only for couples? Single people can have a funfilled memorable day just like people in relationships — or even better.

Couples aren’t the only ones who can experience love. You are completely capable of loving yourself. Being single is the perfect time to prioritize self-love. You don’t have as many distractions and can dedicate your time to yourself and your goals. Getting more opportunities to do what you love, whenever you want will really help you see the value of singleness.

Valentine’s Day is an amazing opportunity to discover yourself and fall more in love with who you are, something that being in a relationship can sometimes hinder. 

Dear single people, don’t allow anyone to make the love you give yourself seem inadequate, because loving yourself is a priority. Being the best version of yourself has nothing to do with your relationship status, but it has everything to do with self-love.

Single or not, you deserve the best of the best. To keep your spirits high, read these love quotes for Valentine’s day that are …

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50 Relatable Quotes About Gaining Weight To Use For Your Instagram Caption That Prove You Love Your Body As-Is

Pretty eyes and thick thighs.

Don’t you hate that feeling when you’re getting ready to go out and all you can think about (aka worry about) is how much weight you’ve gained? You spent an hour on your makeup, painstakingly contouring the chipmunk out of your cheeks. Then you spent another hour on your hair, adding height and volume to somehow prove that your body is comparatively smaller than your hair.

You go into your closet and pull out your control top Spanx, and your blousiest blouse. The one that clings to your bosom but flares out beneath, hiding those extra holiday pounds. You reach in and grab your favorite good-butt skinny jeans. You pull them up slowly and indelicately thinking, “I should have let these air dry — clearly they shrunk a little bit in the dryer“.

You pull the button toward the hole with all of your might! But it is of no use — your jeans aren’t going to button today. You officially gained weight.This has happened to all of us at one point or another. We have all “fallen off” our diets or “missed a couple of days” at the gym. We ate too much between Thanksgiving and the new year, partied too hard on our birthdays. We let our lives get in the way of our goal weight.

It can feel very sad and discouraging when we gain weight — especially when we work so hard year-round to lose weight and shed pounds. Worrying so much about gaining weight can make us feel ugly and worthless. It makes us feel like failures.

But not anymore. We live in the age of body positivity. We live in the age of Lizzo and Ashley Graham. These women teach us that we are beautiful at any size. They teach us that it is more important to enjoy lives than to shed an extra couple of pounds.

Go out and have a drink with your girlfriends! Have an extra piece of cake! Don’t be afraid to celebrate holidays with your family, birthdays with your friends, weekdays with your lovers and every day by yourself! Don’t stop enjoying your life in the pursuit of thigh-gappiness.

Here is a list of the best honest and most relatable quotes about gaining weight to help you celebrate those extra pounds and learn to love your body as-is.

1. Cheers to the

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50 Self Love Quotes That Prove You Should Always Prioritize Yourself

You should be your most important person. Period.

Always put yourself first! It is highly important to always do what is best for you because you are the most important person in your life. Don’t let others dictate what you should be doing if their suggestions don’t serve you and your happiness.

Only you know what will bring you joy and happiness, so follow your heart.

It can be incredibly difficult to choose to value yourself more because we are often taught to care for others first. Although it is important to be there for others, you will not truly be able to help others until you help yourself. Caring about yourself is not selfish and you should not feel guilty because of it.

When you think about yourself first then you are on the path to genuinely loving yourself. By looking after yourself, you are being proactive in implementing self-care.

You don’t always have to cater to other people’s needs if they do not align with your own. You are allowed to say no to things if you do not want to do them. Saying no does not mean that you are rude or mean, it simply means that you value your mental health!

I, personally, have become much more comfortable with not doing things I don’t want to do. I enjoy going to bed early so I can wake up early for a morning workout class. I often have to decline late-night invitations and sometimes get judged for it. However, I know that I feel much more fulfilled when I am working towards my personal goals and paying no attention to criticism for it.

I am not a big drinker or partier, so if a friend is having a birthday party at a bar I usually stop by for one glass of rosé and then leave to go home. I just genuinely know that I won’t have fun staying out late and would rather be in bed early and play World of Warcraft like the true nerd I am.

I currently live with two older roommates, I’m 24 and they are in their late thirties, and they often poke fun of me and call me a grandma because I rarely stay out late. I don’t mind it at all though because I enjoy taking time to be by myself and do what makes me happy. It has taken …

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