Best Sad Shayari Pictures in Hindi

Sad Status In Hindi For Life 2 Line

Mat Kar Mohabbat Tere Bas Ki Baat Nahi,
Jo Dil Mere Pass Hai Woh Tere Paas Nahi..

Kabhi Wo Naraz Hota Hai To Hum Use Manate Hain,
Kabhi Hum Udaas Hote Hai Aur Wo Chain Se So Jaate Hain.

Best Sad Shayari Pictures in Hindi, Best sad shayari pictures in hindi, most painful lines in hindi lovesove

दास्तान सुनाओ और मजाक बन जाऊं बेहतर तो यह है कि थोड़ा सा मुस्कुराओ और खामोश हो जाऊं..

Best Sad Shayari Pictures in Hindi, Best sad shayari pictures in hindi, most painfull shayari lovesove

दहशत सी होने लगी है अब तो जिंदगी में… रोज कोई ना कोई रिश्ता नाराज हो जाता है…

Best Sad Shayari Pictures in Hindi, Best sad shayari pictures in hindi, most painful sahyri lovesove

ना जाने कैसी नजर लगी जमाने की वजह ही नहीं रही मुस्कुराने की…

चेहरे पर हँसी छा जाती है।
आँखों में सुरूर आ जाता है।
जब तुम मुझे अपना कहते हो।
अपने आप पर गुरूर आ जाता है।

रखा करो नजदीकियां,
जिंदगी का भरोसा नहीं…
फिर कहोगे चुपचाप चले गए
और बताया भी नहीं…

कौन कहता है हम उसके बिना मर जायेंगे,
हम तो दरिया है समंदर में उतर जायेंगे,
वो तरस जायेंगे प्यार की एक बून्द के लिए,
हम तो बादल है प्यार के किसी और पर बरस जायेंगे!!

खुदा ने पूछा क्या सजा दूँ
उस बेवफा को, दिल ने कहा
मोहब्बत हो जाए, उसे भी।

वो रोए तो मगर मुझसे मुँह मोड़कर रोए,
कोई मजबूरी होगी जो दिल तोड़कर रोए,
मेरे सामने कर दिए मेरी तस्वीर के टुकड़े,
मेरे बाद वो उन्हें जोड़-जोड़ कर रोए।

Kisi ki aadat ban jao, Mohabbat khud ban jaoge

Thak gayi thi sab ki parwah kar-kar ke, Bada sukun sa hai jab
se laparwah huyi hu

Zindagi tune mujhe kabar se kam di hai jamii, Paav felaau toh
deewar me sar lagta hai.

एहसासों का दर्द दिल में छुपाए हो लगता है तुम भी एक्तरफा मोहब्बत तोहफे में पाए हो

हाँ…. अब भी हमारी बातें अधूरी है… पर ऐसा कहा लिखा है की…. मोहब्बत में बातें ज़रूरी है….

दिल तो दोनों का धड़क रहा था मेरा उसके लिए उसका किसी और के लिए.

तुम रहने दो हम खुद को संभाल लेंगे विश्वास टूटा है हौसला नहीं

Best Sad Shayari Pictures in Hindi, Best sad shayari pictures in hindi, line sad status lovesove

Time acha tha jab tab sab sath the mere
jaise hi time bura aya koi no dikhta as pas mere

Sad Love Shayari With Images

Best Sad Shayari Pictures in Hindi, Best sad shayari pictures in hindi, alone shayari status for whatsapp lovesove

हस्ती मिट जाती है आशियां बनाने में,
बहुत मुश्किल होती है अपनों को समझाने में,
एक पल में किसी को भुला ना देना,
जिंदगी लग जाती है किसी को अपना बनाने में…

Very Heart Touching Sad Quotes In Hindi

Best Sad Shayari Pictures in Hindi, Best sad shayari pictures in hindi, heart touching hindi lines sad lovesove

नजरिया बदल के देख, हर तरफ नजराने मिलेंगे,
ऐ जिंदगी …

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In the gathering darkness, I was waiting patiently inside the City Park for last more than one hour. The bench on which I was sitting, made of dense wood and iron, was quite uncomfortable. To add to my discomfort, my thoughts were melancholy and the grey-white fog, which was moving in from the adjacent forest was making the entire atmosphere cold and depressing.

I looked around the Park dotted with trees and interspersed with bushes amidst well-manicured lawns; they all seemed hazy in the evening blanket of black and white. Toward far sides, the peripheral lamp posts were throwing eerie yellow lights around them. Inside, the lights were not working, the lamps were standing like tall & silent sentinels.

My eyes were searching for Emon, but she was nowhere in sight. I got up and surveyed the benches towards my side. Perhaps she had already come and was waiting for me.  I knew that she wouldn’t come near me… not after the stormy and heated exchange of words last Sunday.  And why Sunday, this had been happening since last how many weeks, I had lost count.

As the minutes ticked by moving to another hour or so with no sign of her, I decided that enough was enough. Looking around finally in that poor visibility I got up.

As I took the paved winding pathway and walked towards the first gate, I got a sixth sense that there was somebody in the Park. Stopping, I again made a reconnaissance but apart from a woman whose face was covered by white dupatta sitting on the very far side bench and a man who was walking out of the second gate, I could see that he was wearing a hat. There was nobody in the Park.  Emon was not there.

That night I had a restless sleep, tossing and turning on my bed and when the first light of dawn filtered through my window curtains, I got up with a sigh of relief. Emon was more entrenched in my emotion than I had bargained for.

In the College, when I entered my classroom, my eyes searched for her. She was sitting in the last row talking to Sonali, her friend.  As I stood near the doorway watching her, she turned her head and glanced at me. There was no change in her expression and she looked away and resumed her conversation. After …

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Last meet turned to first step!

Excerpt: I request you to do something and stop my marriage with someone else, I am ready to stay single all my life but can’t share my dreams which I saw with you to be with someone else.

The last meet-

And the day arrived, he traveled 12 hours to her city and met her at a cafe as they planned, she looked weak and he knew the weakness was because of the sleepless nights she spent crying her heart out, he wanted to hug her as it was more than a year they last met but then he remembered the cause for his visit and stopped himself. They wanted to meet for one last time before they part ways. She brought the expensive watch he gifted her, just to return him back.

They ordered a hot chocolate coffee and stared each other for a few couple of minutes. He noticed the water in her eyes which she was controlling hard to stop pouring it out. Every passing second he calculated the rise in water in her eyes and finally when she wasn’t able to control further, she turned her head towards left and took a sigh of relief to let go all the water at once.

He asked her, “Why are you crying now? Was it not your decision to break? You called me all the way just to end this right, then why are you weeping?”

She remained silent, and he understood her answer. Then their coffee arrived and she took out the watch and told him, “I’ve never used this, as I always wanted to wear it after our marriage. Kindly, take it and gift it to the woman who is going to be your wife in future.”

For the next 5 minutes they discussed all the bad times of their relationship and how parting away is the only option left for them. Then they stood to leave, she told him to wait at the counter as she wanted to wash her stressed face and swollen red eyes. He couldn’t see her in this stage, he never wanted to make his girl cry and he knew she never wanted to end the relation from her heart but was forced to as he was not ready for marriage and it was high time for her to get married as her parents already started a search for her perfect

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How I Met Your Dad

Excerpt: Maybe I just wanted to breathe more of the air around him and be more smiley through the days left until our school life finally got over .

Your life must have seemed like a combination platter of paradoxes to you sometimes and so to be relatable I’d like to put forward mine .

My head faced the classboard like it had all these years but my mind wandered somewhere in those back benches behind me and my ears were open to all yet one voice seemed much clear than the others asking for somebody to pass him a pen . I didn’t know what would I answer the teacher if she asked me why was I smiling , would she know the feeling of breathing around in the same air as him ?

Midst all these ironies my eyes however felt consistent . They saw the same face wide awake or shut open , in the same portrait mode they have ever since .

The class got over and so did these paradoxes but something definitely took a start. Like some odd love stories I play a one sided lover in mine .

Didn’t know specifically why , because unlike those odd stories he was neither the captain at the sports section nor too good at his dressing . Rather he was one shabby leader at the bank benches with ugly scores , oversized uniform and rarely funny puns . The one guy that asked the teacher questions out of the context to make a bunch feel proud of how entertaining there leader was !

Maybe the imperfections said “I’m-perfect” itself and all those trait made him a fairly wide choice .

I remember those rare times when I was involved to play in our free periods , the famous game of “truths and dares” not because I offered to play but because on asking to choose a guy as their favourite every girl took his name , I wanted to take that too but they never asked me to choose amongst guys . They never ask to choose in the same category ! It wasn’t against the rules of the game though however against the rules in my society . Just to be a part of the game , to be more around my reason to play I had to choose amongst a variety of excited girls …

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12 Rihanna Quotes That Remind Us Why Self-Love Is So Damn Important

Learn from the very best.

When you think of people who are so unabashedly themselves — people who make being confident look so easy and sexy — Rihanna should be at the tippy top of your list (if she isn’t already). This badass woman isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and makes it known to everyone that she plays by her rules only.

Because what else is better in life than to be totally and completely yourself? And, believe it or not, there are certain Rihanna quotes that speak right into learning how to improve your confidence, love yourself, and become a better person in the process.

At one point, the Rihanna we all admire and look up to today wasn’t always that confident person. Like all of us, she used to struggle with being comfortable in her own skin, but she never let that stop her from being the awesome and talented woman she is today.

She teaches us that sometimes, it takes time to figure out who you are and how to be happy with what you have.

Rihanna reminds us that you can’t expect anyone else to love you until you learn to love yourself. If you’re unhappy with the person you are, everyone else will be too. Harsh? Maybe. But if anyone is the right person to look up to in this situation, it’s her.

Even Drake looks up to her. (No kidding!) Back in 2016, before accepting her Michael Jackson Vanguard Award at the MTV Video Music Awards, her long-time friend and ex-boyfriend professed his long-time love for her, saying, “She succeeds by doing something that no one in this music industry does, which is being herself… All of my adult life I’ve looked up to her, even though she’s younger than me.”

If there were ever a truer statement than this one to describe the one and only Rihanna, we haven’t found it yet. 

Drake loves Rihanna because she loves herself, which makes those of us who look up to her (myself included) determined to love ourselves even more. So, to celebrate this queen and her confidence, let these Rihanna quotes inspire you to be better for yourself, and to remind you that loving yourself is a requirement in life.

1. Live your life for yourself, not anyone else.
“I don’t do things for the response or the controversy. I just live my life.”

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40 Best ‘First Love’ Quotes That Nail What It’s Like To Fall For The First Time

While matters of the heart are not so easily put into words, these quotes surprisingly nail it.

Whether 15 or 50, there’s nothing like the experience and feelings of falling (and being) in love for the first time. Everyone remembers their first love, as it occupies such a special place in our hearts and has lasting, fond memories.

As words are not everyone’s cup of tea, we’ve comprised a list of 40 love quotes from some of the greats, like iconic writers, philosophers, musicians and actors from across generations. Read on as we deep dive into these first love quotes and what it’s like to re-live that special time in our lives.

1. Meanings learned from our favorite childhood stories

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” —Dr. Seuss

2. Or musical classics

“All you need it love.” —The Beatles 

3. Words from beloved RomComs

“My daddy said that the first time you fall in love, it changes you forever, and no matter how hard you try, that feeling just never goes away.” ―The Notebook

4. Lyrics can perfectly describe how we all feel

“The future for me is already a thing of the past / You were my first love and you will be my last” ―Bob Dylan

5. Because it’s true

“There’s no love like the first.” —Nicholas Sparks

6. They grow us into the person we’re meant to be

“My first love, I’ll never forget, and it’s such a big part of who I am, and in so many ways, we could never be together, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not forever. Because it is forever.” —Rashida Jones

7. It can even be crippling

“I am glad it cannot happen twice, the fever of first love. For it is a fever, and a burden, too, whatever the poets may say.” —Daphne du Maurier

8. In the words of country music classics

“Like an old photograph, time can make a feeling fade, but the memory of a first love never fades away.” —Tim McGraw

9. From wise and spiritual men

“Where there is love, there is life.” —Mahatma Gandhi

10. First loves can be remembered, even through loss and hardships

“Every morning I still wake up and the first thing I want to do is see your face.”P.S. I Love You


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Screaming Silence

Excerpt: In spite of the fact that Auzita hates Mathew, he always loved her. He knew he is right

It was a cold chilly night. A man woke up in midnight around 3:00 am and lit a lamp to write something on his writing pad. He is Mathew, who lives in Srodie,a small town near Hague, Amsterdam.
It was 16th century, Amsterdam was under the Rule of King ‘Benedict’ . Mathew was scholar,writer and Philosopher. He was an active participant against the ill policies of Benedict’s Rule. He clashed with the current course of politics and society. There were many other writer also in the town but they used to write their article praising king’s policies and Rule. Due to their needlessness , they used to receive rewards and titles from king’s court.

On the other hand Mathew stood alone against King’s ill Rule. He used to write revolutionized article against King’s rule in the weekly journal called ‘The Amsterdam Journal’ and due to this he was arrested 3-4 times before. But he continued his writing. Mathew has mass support , people of Amsterdam knows he is right. He was fighting for the welfare and right of common people, they were with him. Benedict was reckless and believe in living extravagance and lavish life. He was least concerned about the welfare of people of his state.
Mathew was well know figure, people have full faith and support for him and they look upto him for a revolutionary change.He was a hero of masses, everybody liked him except one person. This was his wife ‘Auzita’.
Auzita used to scold and curse Mathew for what ever he was doing. Though she was not concerned about the article which he used to write, but she was concerned only about the condition of her family. Day by day they are moving towards poverty. She used to blame him for their pathetic condition. She was unhappy with her life and blame Mathew for this. But on other hand he used to explain her as what is doing is correct and for the welfare of everyone. But Auzita never paid any attention on this as she was frustrated with his idea of helping other. According to her, he ruined her life and was fit for nothing.

In spite of the fact that Auzita hates Mathew, …

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A Memory I just had

Excerpt: He was my source of life and happiness. I fell so deep in love that I couldn’t imagine to ever be this in love with anyone else.

I always dreamt of being treated like a princess.

The reality is different. I didn’t know. Nobody ever told me. I was naive. I still am. I just can’t get the unrealistic idea of someone loving me endlessly and genuine out of my mind. Something in me still screams and tries to reach that dream and that’s why I get disappointed every single time I am left alone. The thing is that its very hard for me to fall in love, it happens but it takes a lot of time.

Whatever.. my first love was in middle school. You can say that we were meant to be. You know in a class there is always the coolest girl and boy, and everyone knows they have something for each other and that they’ll get together, right? We were that couple. We were meant to be, but.. we were also meant to be broken, I guess. Still I loved him. I remember being so happy the time he asked me out. I felt unbelievably blessed and grateful for this boy. I remember praying to god and thanking him for this gift I got, that was love from the person I loved back. My life was in his hands. Or at least that’s what I wanted to think. He was my source of life and happiness. I fell so deep in love that I couldn’t imagine to ever be this in love with anyone else.

In my eyes he was perfect. Deep blue eyes, just like the ocean. Freckles that covered his porcelain white cheeks. His short light brown hair, that he kept short. His full lips and big strong hands that he had. His deep voice. His manliness. The way he laughed about jokes. The way he spoke, moved and watched at everything. The way that people behaved around him. In my memory all those moments of him feel so vivid.

Right now at this very moment I can see him sitting right in front of me, this 11 year old, looking me right in the eye. Looking at me as if I was the most amazing and captivating little thing on earth. We looked at each other as if we had discovered something …

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My Indelible Online Romance

“Guys…. I need to confess something.”

As soon as this words left my mouth I regretted and bit my lower lip out of nervousness. The eight queer eyes looked at me all in silence. Great! I am so dumb and such a party spoiler. I shouldn’t have done this. But I don’t even have a choice now. All this love and fame won’t be there if I carry on with the suspense.

Recently my book, “Falling For You Was The Best Thing” was declared the Book of The Year. Infinite readers and love from all over the world,was all what I was getting from these past weeks and honestly, I was cherishing all these lovely moments. But the contemplation of hiding a truth from my beloved readers, a question which everyone asked,whether a commoner or any interviewer still bugs me. All i ever did was smile mysteriously whenever this question was asked. But today I decided to confess them all the truth. Eight lucky readers got the chance to meet and dine with me and this was my only chance where I can reveal the real story. The dark story which is nothing compared to what I wrote in my book. Its now or never!

“What is it, Ana?” Franco, the blonde guy asked me.

I heaved a sigh and looked directly at them. They all were quiet as a lamb, waiting patiently and eagerly for me to start. A part of me was saying ‘No, let the world read your sunshine story. Let them believe in the happy ending.’ But I guess, I went for the other voice which asked me to confess.

“Ana… Are you okay?” My tranquility got broke by the question of Elsa. She had a worried look.

“Mmm… Yeah,sorry. Um-m I don’t know how to say this but their is something I need to confess something about yours all favorite character… Verone Smith.” I stopped to look at the expressions and as expected everyone had a hysterical look on their face. Without stopping, I continued, “Verone Smith was someone who is not just a character but someone real in my life…. I did not change his name in the book even because I couldn’t.”

“Who was he?” Cheryl asked.

The sounds of the  honking outside, people talking, the city-lights at distance, the eight faces sitting curiously in front of me and all other minor or …

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Broken Heart

High school experience:-

When I got enrolled in high school, I was wondering about the way my experience would be like. But I didn’t think about destiny. I never knew that there would be a sunrise waiting for me. So my first day there wasn’t ordinary like at all. It all started with a powerful sight! Because of it, my pain is still remaining.

When I saw her the first time, I fell deeply in her love, in her tricky web! She was just sitting over there, smiling to her peers and just talking about her summer vacation. She saw me, but she never talked to me. It seemed so hard for both of us to start the stranger’s conversation. It would be odd, at least at that level. But I never gave up staring at her unconsciously. And then came that moment, the first time when I get to talk to her. It was two weeks after the first day, which sounds pretty long! But yet, our conversation was brief and very serious.

I saw her shining green eyes, get a little bit more confidence and just said it. You may guess ‘I like your hairstyle or your shoes’ Or anything to get her attention. But I’ve never been that guy. I’m too shy to admit, even a little compliment. I told her “Your French is so fluent that it impressed me. She just smiled and said “thanks!”. I was stunned by her smile. It has a lot of magic. Its huge impact turned my life 360 degrees:

I just became another dude. But I kept treating her like all my peers. We only got to talk about homework, school project and that stuff… Unfortunately, things got so much worse, I became the pussy guy. All my classmates used to make their stupid bullies and call me names just because I was the kindest guy. Once, they said I was gay just because I wore a pink t-shirt. I felt so bad about it, and I got very mad.

But my tiny hero came and saved me with her little smile. She told me that my t-shirt was incredible, and she likes it. I could take that as a compliment, maybe build a first step in that relationship, but I just kept expressing my anger about it. I didn’t even thank her. It was very silly. And I really …

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