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mahendra singh dhoni quotes


Cricket is not everything, not by any means, but it is a large part of who I am. Therefore, I want to play in all the formats of the game and to play as much as possible because, before long, it will be over.


I love to be in the moment; I love to analyze things a bit.


Strong Characters are needed in the game.


I like to make statements on the field.


Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.


You have seen cricketers who are not god-gifted, but even then, they have gone far. That’s because of the passion.


You don’t play for the crowd; you play for the country.


Self-Confidence has always been one of my good qualities. I am always very confident. It is in my nature to be confident, to be aggressive. And it applies in my batting as well as wicket keeping.


If you don’t really have a dream, you can’t really push yourself, you don’t really know what the target is.


I don’t regret anything in my life. What does not kill you makes you stronger.


I believe in giving more than 100% on the field, and I don’t really worry about the result if there’s great commitment on the field. That’s a victory for me.”

quotes by ms dhoni


Till the full stop does not come; the sentence does not complete.


I focus on cricket because it is something I am good at.


Take action in silence, No lion attacks in noise.


Listen to your elder’s advice not because they are always right, but because they have more experience of being wrong.


When you die, you die. You don’t think which is the better way to die.


For me, opposition is just another opposition.



A loss makes you humble. It tests the other batsmen and bowlers. Also, if you keep winning you don’t now what area you need to work on.


I don’t mind repeating everything.


I have three dogs at home. Even after losing …

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