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50 Best Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes About Life

That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

I remember the very first day my philosophy professor said Nietzsche’s most iconic phrase “God is dead”. Most of our class of 500 students gasped in disbelief — no one ever outright says something like that.

I even remember some students walking out because of how offended they were. I didn’t gasp or leave, I sat there willing to listen.

We are all entitled to our beliefs in life. At the same token, we should know why we believe in something and not be opposed hearing differing perspectives about life. And these Friedrich Nietzsche quotes prove he wasn’t afraid to say what he believed in. Ever.

Philosophy is the study of questioning existence and values. It is not the practice of deeming one way of answering a question as superior.

I personally don’t agree with all of Nietzsche’s philosophies on life, …

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What Is Tao? + 13 Quotes From Eastern Philosophy To Help You Cope With Coronavirus Anxiety

As they say, do the Tao now.

Many of us have turned to spiritual books and meditational practices in order to cope with the unrelenting stress that our present COVID-19 situation gives us. With nothing but time on our hands, we’re home and we’re starting to grow bored.

Yes, it’s fun to pretend this is one big Netflix-Hulu-Prime Marathon of the Gods, but the truth is, we’re nervous, and television entertainment is only acting as a band-aid, a temporary suture for our fear and depression.

I have been a student of Eastern philosophy for my entire life, and though I’m not a religious person, I do dabble in the practices that give me peace and lift me up. I’ve lived in an ashram where I studied yoga and pranayama, the practice of breathing; read all the books by Alan Watts on Zen Buddhism; grew up with Paganism and Witchcraft; learned the …

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