Murk | A Poem by Billy JnoHope

I saw my phantom
murked in a hindsight
Smelled the ghost red
rich and empty
Failed in Brooklyn
hell of a nightmare
Woke up guilty
gunning for my conscience
Skin it before it snitches
murked it for the world to breathe
Whittle my blessings
I deserve the lesser god
Rusted dagger sawed off baptismal
separate the sun
Liberate libra apologist
Saw that bleeding when it flirted red
I could have milked it yellow
but I lusted red…

Unfamiliar | A Poem by Guy Farmer

Charting an unsteady course
Home from a party where
He enjoyed twenty too many,
It struck him that he was in an
Unfamiliar house.
Stumbling through rooms,
Desperately trying not
To announce his presence or
Bother anyone,
Maddeningly unable to do
Anything but flounder
Helplessly as he careened
From point to point.
A sad young creature winding
Its way toward a place it
Doesn’t want to be.…

वफ़ा के शीश महल में सज़ा लिया मैं ने

वफ़ा के शीश महल में सज़ा लिया मैं ने
वो एक दिल जिसे पत्थर बना लिया मैं ने

ये सोच कर की ना हो तक में खुशी कोई
गमों की ओट में खुद को छुपा लिया मैं ने

कभी ना ख़त्म किया मैं ने रोशनी का मुहाज़
अगर चिराग बुझा, दिल जला लिया मैं ने

कमाल ये है की जो दुश्मन पे चलाना था
वो तीर अपने कलेजे पे खा लिया मैं ने

‘क़तील’ जिसकी अदावत में एक प्यार भी था
उस आदमी को गले से लगा लिया मैं ने

-क़तील शिफ़ाई…

Yard | A Poem by Guy Farmer

Yard | A Poem by Guy Farmer

He hid the secret from his
Parents, a lovely couple who
Never made waves but were
About to find out what chaos
Means when his prized pet
Jumped the fence and attacked
Their closest friend in the
Neighborhood. A perfunctory
Slew of incredulity and denial
Followed the painfully foreseeable,
Preventable act only missed
By those who couldn’t think
Beyond their own yard.…

Fine Goat Outfits | A Poem by Guy Farmer

Fine Goat Outfits | A Poem by Guy Farmer

Few people understood his
Passion for dressing as a
Goat. Except, that is, for a
Very special goat he met
While on holiday in Greece.
When they were together,
There was no limit to the
Haberdashery, no
Insufferable arbiters of taste
Looking down their noses.
Just two friends dressing snappily,
Enjoying fine goat outfits.…

Fair-Skinned Warning | A Poem by Ivan Jenson

Fair-Skinned Warning | A Poem by Ivan Jenson

I will pick
your pockets
thumb through
your secret stash
of intimate details
jimmy your locks
jangle your nerves
and shake the
makeup off
your face
till you stand
and powerless
like a frightened
Ford model
who has just
had her
Bob Mackie
wig and dress
ripped from her
skeletal frame
and who now
and oh so
by a world
of lights
and my
hard boiled
soft focus

Impasto | A Poem by Ivan Jenson

Impasto | A Poem by Ivan Jenson

Your pink
draws me in
as I outwardly paint
your negative
and positive
into the pigment
of my
and then
it occurs to me
that you
are currently
on the
good side of
Mother Nature
but someday
you will be
gently scolded
by Father Time
but by then
I will be
primed by
black gesso
and brushed
by a dark destiny
and all that
will be left
of your
cursed curves
will be this
square canvas
stretched on
the warped
frame of

Her Vortex | A Poem by G.S. Katz

Her Vortex | A Poem by G.S. Katz

Contours of lust
All around us
Deep inside vixen
Secrets exposed
Her vortex
She gives all
She doesn’t break easily
Don’t toy with her heart
She’ll take you down
And leave you broken
Better to treat her well
She’s the real deal
A beautiful soul
Walk with her hand in hand
She’ll be yours for the asking
The essence of desire
Flight and elevation
A rare wine to be opened
And to consume……

Pollution | A Poem by David Russell

A seedy world chugs along the locusts’ path,
Sterile and bedraggled.

Abrasive greed outstrips all poisons,
Piling tiers of death.

Vile ramparts, flouting Nature,
Compost’s rebuff, outlive the weak flowers

As if perverted oil
Clogged up the clean, arterial flow of life
To jar us with a fractured orbit.

Oh that the light from the moon could brain us!
Could we but inhale our eyesores
And vomit forth revulsion from neglect;

Oh: could we but deflect desires
From cursed and blinding foci
And with that broken wheel, true ploughshare
Dam all erosion, lashing filthy burrows!

Not yet – for hopes can only gel
Beyond our grasp;
Not yet – while we cruel anglers bait ourselves;
While with excess we glut excess
To make a false, round giddiness

Our self-conceited quicksand –
Drifting as we breathe.…

Crack-Down Tribunal (Re Jack Straw’s ‘Community Treatment Orders’ for the Mentally Ill) | A Poem by David Russell

Borderline Personality Disorder –
Everybody welcome to the edge!
It’s the cripples’ convocation;
We’re the tin end of the wedge.

Rattling jars of medication cocktails,
Pinballs batted in eternal circles,
Listen to the words of wisdom:
“Do what they tell you; don’t ask questions;
Take what they give you, don’t ask question.”

It’s the Crack-Down Tribunal;
Of great sorrow be expectant.
Crack-Down Tribunal;
Governmental disinfectant!

Ever felt stuck with a discard label,
Shred of we rag in the midnight drizzle?
Hope comes shining through the cracks;
The flames rise high as the hiccups fizzle.

Ever hammered on a DSS perspex panel,
Been head on with some po-faced nerd
Who just can’t cope, so he ups the dosage;
Remember the voices that you heard –

Do you hear voices?
Do you hear voices?

It’s the Crack-Down Tribunal;
Of great sorrow be expectant.
Crack-Down Tribunal;
Governmental disinfectant!

When the hypocritical is hippocratic,
The autocratic gets automatic,
So you’d better get mentally acrobatic
And stuff your heads with anti-static!

It’s the Crack-Down Tribunal;
Of great sorrow be expectant.
Crack-Down Tribunal;
Governmental disinfectant!…