Tum ko na bhul paye gain – sreya patna

Hi friend myself sreya and iam from Patna .i had read the story from this site but today iam writing my story .this is my real story.Three years ago i had studied Mtech i am a simple girl i dont want to talk any boy .i was new and there were no friend of me after that i made some new friend and riya is my good friend whome i told my peronal problem.and i was felling that no one is my religion in my mtech .but riya told me that one of the boy whose name ayan is my religion and he is her ex classmate of her Btech .riya and ayan both had same college it was my first sem practical exam and my expt was same with ayan so i talk to ayan to explain the procedure of the expt. then he explain and i did my expt it was my first talk with him .then in second sem i got his no but didnt call him from riya i heared that he is a good boy and he help every body . So i called him to know the scholership website then cut the phone because we had no balance then he

told me that after recherge his mobile .he will call me and then evening he call me .and question me that how was my exam in second sem i told it was fine .but one paper was worst then he Encouraged me that it will be fine .and after fifteen or twenty minute i cut the phone. it was my third sem and whenever i need his help i called him and for his nesecity he called me it was our junior welcome then i went college and after evening for some of her work he called me and then say. i was looking beautiful in this day .iam become angry and told him dont dare to talk like this i dont like this. then he said sorry .and after we both talk to each for some of our work.when we talk to each other i dont want to cut the phone when i want to call him he call me .and then one day he say he also dont want to cut the phone while he will talk with me i asked him what is going on then he replys he dont know …

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