50 Thoughtful Dad Quotes To Show Him How Much You Care On Father’s Day

“I love you, dad.”

Father’s Day is the yearly holiday all about celebrating dads. Your dad is your hero, so why not use his special Sunday to show him just how much he influenced your life by sharing some of the best dad quotes around.

As a kid, he taught you all sorts of lessons to help you down the road. Whether it was how to check your engine oil or how to manage our finances, dad was there to make sure we had the necessary tools to succeed in life.

In addition to important tasks to know, our dads were someone we could go to for advice on life. If we were unsure of which path to take, you can bet dad was there to help guide us.

They brought us to baseball games, encouraged our creativity, and perhaps challenged us to epic games of hide and seek in the supermarket – much to the dismay of mom when she later found out.

Our father is that person that we look up to. As a child he is our untouchable hero, but as we grow up, we learn that he is only human and we have to learn to love him anyway. No matter what though, they took care of us and were there by our side through anything.

It’s hard to figure out the perfect way to tell dad how much he means to us. We know how we feel, but maybe we don’t have the perfect words to express that.

Well, consider using some good old-fashioned Father’s Day quotes as a way to brighten up dad’s special day. Sure, a simple, “I love you, dad” is probably enough to make the old man smile, but why not make him laugh (or tear up) a little too?

For the father who tells one-too-many dad jokes, consider sharing some funny quotes with him. Sentimental quotes that remind dad you’ll always be his little girl or boy are extra-special. Father’s Day quotes about memories, laughter, and love are all perfect to share with your dad.

This Father’s Day, check out some of these great Father’s day quotes to let your dad know how much you care and make his day all the more special, because he deserves it.

1. Shout out to Grandpa!

“Dads know a lot. Grandpas know everything.”

2. Thank you for guiding us.

“A father is neither …

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50 Powerful LGBTQ+ Quotes About Coming Out

Celebrate finally coming out during pride month with the best LGBTQ quotes.

Celebrations like pride month in June and National Coming Out Day in October each year are important days for our society to reflect on how far we’ve come in terms of LGBTQ+ issues, and they help bring new light on changes we are still fighting for. And there’s no better way to help spread the word than to share some of the best coming out quotes with your friends and family.

Founded on October 11, 1988 and marking the anniversary of the 1987 March on Washington, National Coming Out Day each year is a day to lift up and celebrate our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters. It is a day to celebrate the bravery of those who have chosen to face their fears, friends and family — to “come out” and show their loved ones who they truly are.

Pride month and National Coming Out Day is also a time to stand in solidarity with those who may not be ready to come out.

No matter how you identify, everyone can observe these national holidays. There are PRIDE rallies and walks you can attend, and you can donate to LGBTQ+ charitable organizations like The Trevor Project.

But the most important way you can participate in National Coming Out Day and Pride Month is to be open: open your ears to someone who needs a sounding board, open your mind to new information, and open up your hearts to someone who needs to be loved.

The most important thing to remember is that these times are meant to be celebratory. They are markers of how far we have come as a society, and our ability as humans to love under any circumstance. They are also times to remember that there is still a long way to go when it comes to human rights, gay rights and LGBT rights.

We should remember that there are people that fear coming out. We should also remember that there are people that give them reason to fear. To those who aren’t ready to come out, this is not a time for you to hang your head, this is a day for you to feel empowered by the experiences of those who came before you, and to demonstrate the love surrounding your community.

While we are celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, we are also building up …

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50 Best Anderson Cooper Quotes About Life, Love And Truth

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper’s thoughts about life in the media.

One of my favorite American journalists is Anderson Cooper. I grew up watching him on CNN as a kid. These days Cooper isn’t just busy anchoring on Anderson Cooper 360° or 60 Minutes —​ he is a first-time dad to a baby boy named Wyatt Morgan Cooper.

In a time of such great loss and confusion in our nation, it is great to see a news station share some good news — and some of the Anderson Cooper quotes listed below are just a few of the encouraging and enlightening things he’s spoken about on TV.

Nowadays all you see on the news are stories about the coronavirus pandemic, which can get very disheartening. As we mourn the lives losses from COVID-19 and other tragedies, we can’t forget to find a reason to smile, even in the midst of a global pandemic.

Whether you are a supporter of LGBTQ rights or not, you can’t deny that Anderson Cooper, son of  Gloria Vanderbilt and Wyatt Emory Cooper, has uncovered a lot of truths as a journalist. Cooper has risked his life reporting from “war zones and natural disasters” in third world countries, never afraid to chase stories that need to be heard. It is clear that Cooper has a passion for storytelling and as a viewer, you can tell.

More importantly, he does his best to accurately present the facts. Anderson Cooper is not telling you his version of a story, he’s reporting on what the story actually is. It’s all about the facts. Cooper, who graduated from Yale before the start of his journalism career, doesn’t even hesitate to call out the president of the United States, Donald Trump, on his inaccuracies in recent months.

In the era of fake news, it can be difficult to know who to trust. News stations and journalists are seldom a hundred percent nonpartisan and try as they might, there will always be unconscious bias. This is why we need journalists who are not afraid to inform us and tell the stories for what they truly are, and who do what’s needed to search for truth and facts.

Look below for some of the best Anderson Cooper quotes about the media, life, reporting and staying true to yourself.

1. Just be yourself.

“I think you have to be yourself, and you have to be …

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40 Positive Quotes About Change & Growth To Inspire You Seize New Opportunities

It all starts with one step forward.

It is easy to be susceptible to the negative energies we surround ourselves with every day. Often times, we become stagnant in our walk through life without realizing we’ve halted our progress.

To say positive change is inevitable is one thing, but to accept this ever-changing evolutionary process is another.

When there is a new opportunity knocking on your door, the fear of the unknown begins to settle in your mind. We’ve all gone through this at least a couple of hundred times in our life.

Maybe a new job you’ve been so excited for finally calls you back, but in the back of your mind, you start to question whether you’re experienced enough to handle the role. Maybe you registered for six classes next semester with the thought of facing each of them. Then you let doubt creep in and tell you, you won’t be able to handle the pressure.

The one thing in our lives that will remain constant is change itself. Instead of fearing it, embrace it and let yourself engage in an unknown world where the possibilities are endless.

In Frank Herbert’s “Dune,” there is a particular quote I thought might fit best with our topic of discussion. It says, “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

Whenever we are intimidated by a sudden shift in our environment, relationships, and career, it’s normal to be fearful at first. Change is scary, and that’s fine!

Our normal reactions are to question the outcomes of different situations throughout our walk in life. But, we should never let that stop us from becoming our truest selves.

Here are 40 inspirational and positive quotes about change and growth to help you learn how to accept change and seize new opportunities in your life with confidence.

1. Change yourself, and the rest will follow.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” — Mahatma Gandhi

2. Don’t stop, keep moving.

“Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn’t stop for anybody.” — Stephen Chobsky, The Perks of Being …

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100 Best Mom Quotes Of All Time

Celebrate Mother’s Day with the best quotes that describe mom.

Mother’s have an intuition we’ll never understand until we become one, and the mom quotes listed below prove that mothers always, always know best.

How does a mother know if her child is in trouble? How does a mother sense something overbearing her child?

Women go through their own journey of discovery when they become mothers. They discover personal growth, patience, and responsibility. A mother also discovers a friend in her child and they journey together through problems and solutions, learning about life from each other along the way.

Mothers are the epitome of sacrifice. They learn to pray harder and prepare for a time when they would give their life for their children.

Moms give us reminders and the best advice to help us get through life. All mom share universal communication — love — and these mom quotes to prove it. Use these quotes about moms not only to share with your own family on Mother’s Day, but also to take with you through life. Remember your mom and everything she’s done for you, and thank her for being there every step of the way.

1. “I may not be perfect, but when I look at my children, I know that I got something in my life perfectly right.”

2. “A Mother understands what a child cannot say.”

3. “Successful mothers are not the ones that have never struggled. They are the ones that never give up, despite the struggles.” —Sharon Jaynes

4. “Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.” —C.S. Lewis

5. “Being a mom might mean that my hands are full, but so is my heart.”

6. “A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.” —Agatha Christie

7. “Life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a mother.”

8. “I’ll love you. I’ll like you forever. As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.” —Robert Munsch

9. “Being a mom is a tough job but it’s the best job anyone could ever ask for.”

10. “Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.” —Matthew L Jacobson

11. “To a child’s ear, “mother” is magic in …

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120 Happy Birthday Wishes For Friends And Best Friends

Tell your best friends “happy birthday!” in a way that only you could.

What do you say on someone’s birthday to wish them a happy birthday? Especially when that someone is your friend? What should you write to your best friend that isn’t what she’s going to already read 100 times on her Facebook timeline when she wakes up on the morning of her birthday?

Whether it’s your best friend’s birthday, or you’re celebrating your work colleague’s birthday during your lunch break, or you’re figuring out what to say in a birthday text to an old friend you haven’t talked to in a while, every special person in your life deserves a heartfelt birthday wish.

It’s not always easy to know just what to say on someone’s birthday, and you want your birthday gift to your friend to be unique and a step above the rest. Sometimes a cute happy birthday gif is a way to make your friend laugh when they’re scrolling through social media, but oftentimes we want to go that extra mile to make the people closest to us feel loved on their special day. So scroll through some of our suggestions below for the best “Happy birthday, friend!” quotes and heartfelt birthday wishes for a friend to help you say just the right thing to let them know you care. ​

Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends

1. “Happy Birthday. Live beautifully, love generously, laugh freely. Thanks for being a fantastic friend. I hope this year brings you the best that life has to offer.”

2. “A big birthday hug for you, good friend!”

3. “I hope your Birthday finds you this happy, friend.”

4. “Wishing you happiness to welcome each morning. Wishing you laughter to make your heart sing. Wishing you friendship, sharing, and caring. And all of the joy the birthday can bring.” — Noble Diary

5. “I treasure our friendship! Happy Birthday!”

6. “Happy Birthday my friend! Today is a day to celebrate you, so make it special and surround yourself with everything that makes you feel like the star you are!”

7. “I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, friend, and to let you know that you are not alone. Should you need someone to lean on, I will be here for you.”

8. “A new year begins and it’s like a movie. You are the director, my friend. Make it …

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40 Music Festival Quotes To Get You Excited For Your Next Concert Lineup

Music festivals can serve so many purposes.

Music festivals are such a big deal for this generation. They’re really cool because it’s like a concert for all the bands your love at once, all in the same place. You don’t have to buy a million different concert tickets and run out of money trying to see all your favorite artists separately. You get to buy one ticket and see them all at once with all your friends, and oftentimes you get to see other bands that you wouldn’t normally pay to see — and who knows? You might end up loving them too.

These days many music festivals take place over multiple days, usually a weekend (if not two). Events like Firefly festival and Electric Daisy Carnival can last upwards of 3 days, while the biggest music festivals in the world such as the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and Ultra Music Festival take place two weekends in a row. All music festivals that last multiple days offer hundreds of different bands, singers and DJs throughout the days, and people make it a point to design different outfits to correspond with the themes for each of the days.

It’s funny how all these music festivals are kind of like a modern-day Woodstock (which actually is getting a re-boot itself, with the new Woodstock 2020 taking place in August 2020). The original Woodstock festival took place in 1969 and attracted more than 400,000 attendees. It was infamous for the theme of “peace and music”, and is the basis for most of these modern-day festivals, now hosting upwards of 420,000 people in a weekend.

Some festivals have themes to them as well, like country music festivals, rock festivals, electronic music festivals and so on. When it comes to buying tickets, you typically have to purchase them at least few months ahead of time (for the bigger festivals). The pricing can also vary based on the type of concert you’re attending. Larger festivals like Coachella, Firefly and Austin City Limits can charge over two and three hundred dollars per ticket.

If you’re a festival-goer and excited for the upcoming festival season, use these music festival quotes to get you pumped up for your next concert lineup. 

1. Cheers.

“Here’s to the nights that turned into mornings, and the friends that turned into family” — Unknown

2. Everyone wants to enjoy it.

“There’s …

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10 Comforting Bible Verses To Post On Twitter During The COVID-19 Crisis

10 Comforting Bible Verses To Post On Twitter During The COVID-19 Crisis

Inspire someone on Twitter during this dark period in history.

One post on Twitter can go viral on social media. Words make a difference in someone’s life.

So, why not post a comforting Bible verse during today’s COVID-19 crisis?

Why post comforting Bible verses on Twitter?

We are always looking for inspiration and social media is a great way to communicate globally during times of social distancing.

The potential of death and the fear the world faces at the prospects of losing someone they love open the hearts of everyone.

People are searching desperately for a kind word, a thought that inspires or to reach for the faith and the great beyond in hopes of finding answers.

There are so many questions swirling around on social media when it comes to the COVID-19 crisis.

From what it looks like, feels like and what to do if you suspect that you have caught it.

But, one question that many people have in their hearts also involves a question about their faith — why would God allow something like this to happen.

A post on places like Twitter informs the world and gives them a reason to think deeply.

When people go on Twitter, they want to find poetry in life.

Social media fuels our motivation (or demotivates us) for living, working and loving others during times of hardship.

What makes Twitter so powerful is its ability to make a point in a concise way.

It’s because we generally want our inspiration and comfort to come in a few short words.

During this COVID-19 crisis, we have heard celebrities give us their point of view.

They help us to change our perspective and to see light in the darkness, too.

When people post on Twitter, they turn to poets and philosophers to retweet their words, but sometimes a hashtag may lead someone to you.

But what we don’t realize is some of the best one-liners can come directly from the ancient texts, such as a comforting Bible verse.

It may seem like the Bible is too old or out of date to apply to our lives in modern times, but I encourage you to give it a chance.

Regardless if you are a religious person or not, these stanzas provide comfort to us all.

Here 10 best Bible verses to use as comforting quotes as posts on Twitter.

1. Nothing is impossible.

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30 Kenny Rogers Quotes About Life, Fame & Country Music

Legendary Country Music Star dies, Kenny Rogers at 81.

Award-winning singer/ songwriter, Kenny Rogers was born on August 21, 1938, in Houston, Texas. He was the fourth of eight children to Lucile Lois, a nurse’s assistant and Edward Rogers, a carpenter. He worked as a busboy at the Rice Hotel and swept floors at a hat store for nine dollars a week. In 1949, he won a talent show at the Texan Theatre. His music career spanned over six decades.

From the 1950s, Rogers was a teenage rock sensation with a hit song, “That Crazy Feeling” which resulted in his National TV appearance on “American Bandstand”. He worked along with bands and as a solo artist.

His album and song, “The Gambler” released in 1978, the hit song became huge in the country and pop industry in which he won a second Grammy award. Rogers had 24 number-one hits and he is a sixth time Grammy award-winning artist. In 2013, the hit country legend was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Besides being a legendary musician, Rogers has published several books including a 2012 autobiography.

Until recent years it has been quoted that “he would choose success over family”. He has also stated that he has “regretted that decision because he missed out on the good years of his children growing up”.

Sadly, Kenny Rogers, 81, died at his home on March 20, 2020, from natural causes while he was under hospice care. He was surrounded by family. He leaves behind his wife, Wanda Miller and five children (three from previous relationships) in which he loved to spend most of his time.

Kenny Rogers’ music has impacted the history of American and Country Music. His music has touched the lives of many people across the world. Rogers’ legacy will continue to live on through his music. Here some of the best Kenny Rogers’s quotes to remember him by.

1. There is no in-between in friendship.

“You can’t make old friends. You either have them or you don’t.” —Kenny Rogers

2. Sometimes singing has more impact rather than saying them.

“If you want people to know what your message is, just sing it.”—Kenny Rogers

3. If you love something it is who you are not what you do.

“Music is what I am, everything else is what I do.”—Kenny Rogers

4. Know your battles.

“You gotta know when to …

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50 Funny Easter Memes To Share With Your Family & Friends On Easter Sunday

50 Funny Easter Memes To Share With Your Family & Friends On Easter Sunday

The best Easter memes shared around the internet.

Easter Sunday, for the most part, is supposed to be filled with joy, candy, and bunnies. While the popular holiday is based on Christian tradition referencing the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it has turned more secular in the United States, where families often start their day celebrating with hidden Easter eggs, bunnies, carrots and lots (and lots!) of food.

And what better way to celebrate Easter online than sharing the best Easter memes around? From funny Easter quotes to relatable memes, there are thousands of creative ways to laugh a little as you wake (way too early) for Easter Sunday service.

Easter, like most holidays, is a way to connect with family. A way to talk to your grandparents, cousins and aunts that you maybe only speak to three times a year over food and church services.

Those who live in populated places or big cities like Chicago, New York, or Los Angles then have the opportunity to bring their kids to the many community-hosted Easter egg hunt events. Or, for a more laid back way of celebrating the holiday (and don’t mind waiting hours in line waiting for a seat), many people meet at restaurants for Easter-themed brunches.

Nonetheless, the one thing I love even more than being with my family for Easter? Funny Easter memes to share with my family and friends. Memes and Easter quotes never get old, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Take a scroll to see our picks of the best memes and quotes about Easter to share on Easter Sunday.

1. Just casually rising from the dead.

“Jesus on the third day be like ‘aight I’m bout to headeth out.'”

2. Okay, there is such a thing as too literal.

“Easter cookies nailed it.”

3. When Easter falls in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

“An eggsential worker.”

4. What Jesus must have said Easter morning.

“Cash me outside howbow dat.”

5. The saddest story in history gets better at the end.

“When you get to the part where your Lord and Savior dies, but then you remember he’ll be back in 3 days.”

6. The pros and cons of being an adult during Easter.

“Being an adult: Pros – I can eat 28 Easter eggs and nobody can stop me. Cons – I ate 28 Easter eggs and nobody stopped me.”


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