50 Long-Distance Relationship Quotes To Get You Through Those Lonely Nights

Distance and time makes the heart grow fonder.

First, if you or someone you know is in a long-distance relationship, please accept the round of applause I am giving you all right now. I couldn’t imagine being apart from my significant other for more than a week, let alone weeks or months on end!

The real question is, how do you do it? How can you get through those days and nights without embracing your loved one, or setting up a coffee date with your partner when your workweek has just been too hectic?

The long-distance relationship quotes below prove that life isn’t easy when you’re far apart, but a lot of the time it is worth it.

Being miles apart from the person you love can feel like you two will never see each other. Even with your closest friends and family around, they won’t be able to give you the love your significant other would give you.

After all, the greatest love songs and poems may have come to fruition because of long-distance love.

Why is it that the strongest bonds are often miles apart from one another? There may be certain times in our lives where a long-distance romance isn’t something we’d consider. However, when you meet the person you truly love, distance is nothing but a mere pebble in your walk of life together.

Both of you know that this separation may be temporary, and you are two very emotionally strong people to get through it together.

One thing I will say is to stay strong. Do not give up on this relationship just because you may not be physically together.

What are some things you turn to for reassurance during these times? Here’s one thing to do: read the list below of our picks of the best long-distance relationship quotes that we have compiled just for you!

Use these uplifting quotes for the days where you’re feeling extra lonely, in need of a nostalgic feeling, or even just a relatable couple words.

1. We are still together.

“I don’t cry because we’ve been separated by distance, and for a matter of years. Why? Because for as long as we share the same sky and breathe the same air, we’re still together.”— Donna Lynn Hope

2. The distance can do strange things.

“I know we loved each other, but distance can do strange things to people …

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50 ‘Be Yourself’ Quotes That Teach You To Live Unapologetically

Living your life unapologetically helps you go through life more stress-free.

It’s difficult to find people who are original. They don’t have to sugar coat their life, to make it seem better than it is. Sure, fitting with the ‘in-crowd’ gets you into the social circle, but you could be hindering your identity unintentionally.

If you build relationships on fake smiles and giggles, then you don’t have a relationship at all. Trying to fit in is exhausting to your mind, body, and spirit. It will produce negative energy, when in fact just being yourself can creative positive ones.

Think of the ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ options on our computer screens. If we all want to adhere to the perfect person, according to social media and the news, then no one would ever tell us apart. Creating your own voice in a sea of people who want to replicate each other, creates a healthier version of yourself.

“Those who inspire others are people who are themselves. Why not try to be an inspiration to others?” – Annette Szproch

This comes to play when we accept who we are. We’re all made uniquely different, and embracing that is how we become a role model for others. With all the filters that Instagram offers, wouldn’t it be nice to show off to not have to choose? Confidence in ourselves is the best filters we can show off to the world because it not only builds us but others as well.

Being real with others allows us to create stronger bonds and better clarity of our own reflection. Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror, wondering who the other person staring back is? I’ve been there and I’ve realized how much harm comes from just not loving our own reflection. This could be a lack of self-image care. We don’t work on ourselves enough to value our strengths and recognize our weaknesses.

The more we accept our faults, the easier it will be to accept others. We’re all human so let’s start acting like it. We are not made out of aluminum and steel. Blood, emotions, and neurons are what make us all connected. If we truly want deeper connections with others, then we have to try to connect with ourselves first.

If you need the inspiration to begin your journey on finding and loving yourself, here are the best “be yoursef” quotes …

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25 Inspirational Quotes About Life And Struggles To Get You Through Difficult Times

25 Inspirational Quotes About Life And Struggles To Get You Through Difficult Times

“When you know your worth, no one can make you feel worthless.”

Life is beautiful but not always easy. It has problems too, and the challenge lies in facing them with courage, letting the beauty of life act like a balm, which makes the pain bearable, during trying times, by providing hope

Happiness and sorrow, victory and defeat, and day and night are the two sides of the coin. Similarly, life is full of moments of joy, pleasure, success, and comfort punctuated by misery, defeat, failure, and problems.

There is no human being on Earth — strong, powerful, wise, or rich — who has not experienced struggle, suffering, or failure.

No doubt, life is beautiful and every moment — a celebration of being alive, but one should be always ready to face adversity and challenges. A person who has not encountered difficulties in life can never achieve success.

Difficulties test the courage, patience, perseverance, and true character of a human being, making them strong and ready to face the challenges of life with equanimity. There is no doubt that there can be no gain without pain.

Thus, life is and should not be just a bed of roses; thorns are also a part of it and should be accepted by us just as we accept the beautiful side of life.

The thorns remind one of how success and happiness can be evasive and thus, not to feel disappointed and disheartened, but remember that the pain of thorns is short-lived and the beauty of life would soon overcome the prick of thorns.

Sometimes, you just want to read inspirational quotes that will lift you up and add a spark to your day. As life offers so many wonderful ups and downs, it is great to get a new perspective to turn a frown upside down.

Knowing how powerful words can be, here are 25 profound inspirational quotes for life to enhance your day now. Enjoy!

1. You have to know that you are good enough and worth it.

“You will truly never be good enough for anyone else if you are not good enough for yourself first.”

2. Just live right now, and be yourself, it doesn’t matter if it’s not good enough for someone else.

“Sometimes we can feel like we are not good enough, but it is important to remember that we have nothing to prove others. Love and …

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40 Funny Period Quotes About Menstruation That’ll Make You Laugh During ‘That Time Of The Month’

Own your period!

Pretty much every female on this planet has to deal with that time of the month. You know, our monthly monster, shark week, the crimson tide, moon time, mother nature’s gift, good ‘old Aunt Flo — yes we’re talking about your period.

For most women, menstruation is just a fact of life that comes with living in our bodies (that we don’t really love).

So why is talking about our periods or menstrual cycles something society has made women feel like we should be embarrassed about? Why is it that when girls have to go to the bathroom on their period, we feel the need to hide our tampons?

Is it because we worry about looking weird or gross? Making it known that our body is functioning normally should not be that big of a deal, period.

So in celebration of (or at least in recognition of) getting your period month after month (after month after month), we’ve collected 40 of the best period quotes, jokes and funny sayings about menstruation to makes going through this time of the month a little less frustrating.

1. Why are periods so hard?

“Periods are ridiculous. I shouldn’t be punished for not being pregnant.” — Unknown

2. Coincidence? I think not!

“Menstruation. Menopause. Mental breakdowns. Notice how all women’s problems begin with men.” — Unknown

3. If there were a plus side to having your period.

“Maybe if period pain burned calories, it’d be worth it.” — Unknown

4. We women are freaking cool.

“Why you’re bad*ss. Because you can bleed for a week straight without dying.” — Unknown

5. Don’t downplay my emotions. PMS is a real thing.

“Yes, I am on my period. No, that doesn’t mean that my anger is irrational.” — Unknown

6. Suspicious…

“Periods help you learn how to get blood off of things which is probably why you hear more stories of men caught with murder.” — Unknown

7. Stress is high during that time of the month.

“My uterus is shedding and I will not hesitate to stab you.” — Unknown

8. Truer words were never spoken.

“I respect whoever allowed women into the military. Girl on period + gun = unstoppable.” — Unknown

9. Why can’t we feel magical on our periods instead of like we’re dying?

“Periods. Of all things, why blood? Why can’t it be like…fairy dust or something?” — …

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50 Funny Sassy Quotes For Your Next Selfie Instagram Caption

Everyone needs a good caption for Instagram selfies!

Don’t you hate when you can’t decide on a good Instagram caption for that perfect selfie you can’t wait to post? I don’t know about you, but I love a sassy quote about girl empowerment like, ” I don’t need a man — I just need a man”… or maybe, “girls need a boost, women climb to the top on our own”. Something along those lines is both sassy and strong — and as they say … confidence is key!

Instagram is a platform a lot of people use to express themselves and show who they truly are (or at least who they want to be). Selfies are a chance to use social media for your own benefit, so why not have a trendy, sassy caption to catch your follower’s attention when you’ve finally snapped that cute photo of yourself?

When it comes to building a platform of dedicated followers, you definitely need to think about your captions. I’m sure a lot of us think about what selfies will get the most likes (even if we don’t want to), so our captions not only improve the chances of getting likes, but also encourage people to follow us for more sassy advice.

Did you know that someone is more likely to like your photo based on your caption — even if you look cute in the pic or not? People love confidence, so using a good quote that shows how much you love yourself is only going to help you. No, I’m not saying to just start uploading un-post able photos, but there’re a lot more to our Instagram posts than just looks. A sassy quote could change someone’s whole perspective of your profile.

So if you need a few caption ideas, we’ve got you covered. We’ve gathered some new things to say under your photos that you likely haven’t used before. Take a look at our favorite funny, sassy quotes you can use for your Instagram selfie captions.

1. Cocky or confident? You decide.

“I wish common sense was common.”

2. Start with pleasing yourself.

“I can only please one person a day. Today isn’t your day. Tomorrow doesn’t look good either.”

3. Basic isn’t in your vocabulary.

“A sass a day keeps the basics away.”

4. No one wants to be average.

“Be savage, not average.”

5. Rock what you got.

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50 Radical Quotes About Patience That Teach Us How To Be Patient In Love & In LIfe

Take a breath and look at the big picture.

Peace of mind is something many of us aspire to attain. We crave peace in a world full of chaos.

There are moments in our lives where a test of patience arrives too many times to account for. And it is not a pretty sight for those of us who are just learning how to walk side by side with our new friend, patience.

The quote “patience is a virtue” has been a well-known phrase that is often thrown at those who don’t necessarily understand what it means to sit back and chill before attacking their opponent.

Throughout different times in our lives, some situations deserve longevity. However, we should not expect things to quickly resolve themselves, nor should we expect a result two seconds after completing a task.

This is a “we want it now” generation and it has caused a number of people, myself included, to not understand the rewarding gift of waiting for something good to happen. How do we learn when to relax and let any problems or positive expectations run their natural course?

Well, the first step should be to openly admit we are an impatient human race. If we continually allow ourselves to demand something to happen right now, we will never truly value what it is we desire. Life does not wait for anyone, just like there is no specific time when things need to be done.

Maybe the reason you are not getting your dream job is that you’re simply not ready for the role. Trust me, when the time comes for that special moment, you will be ready.

If you need some guidance for maintaining your patience through difficult moments, this article was meant for you. These radical patience quotes remind us why it’s important to be patient in all aspects of our lives — and especially so with our relationships and our partners.

So look to our collection of the best quotes about patience to read when you’re learning how to calm yourself down.

1. One minute of patience…

“One minute of patience, ten years of peace.”— Greek proverb

2. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

“Have patience, my friend, have patience; For Rome wasn’t built in a day! You wear yourself out for nothing In many and many a way! Why are you nervous and fretty When things …

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50 Life Quotes About Fighting For What You Want

Nobody else is going to fight for what you believe in like you will.

Everyone has things in life that are important to them — things you’re passionate about and you believe in. Things that can’t be replaced or easily found, or take or given — or whatever the case might be. Things like this don’t have to be actual items. They can be feelings or connections with people. But they’re always different for everyone.

The things you want in life are all worth fighting for.

There are so many times in life that things that we want are hard to get and to maintain. That doesn’t mean that you give up on the things you want in life — if you want it badly enough, you have out keep fighting for it. You can’t give up, otherwise, what was the point? 

Fight for love. Fight for peace. Fight for friends. Fight for hate. Fight for passion. Fight for family. Fight for God. Fight for truth. Fight for righteousness. Fight for dignity. Fight for the right. Fight for him. Fight for her. Fight for a chance. Fight for equality. Fight for innocence. Fight for priorities. Fight for hope. Fight for help. Fight for a will. Fight for patience. Fight for virtues. Fight for independence. Fight for everything. Fight for anything. Fight for me. Fight for you.

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration to fight for what we believe in and it takes a lot of effort to incorporate your passions into your life in a real way. Don’t let anyone tell you that what you want is not worth fighting for, and work as hard as you need to get to where you want to be. If you want something bad enough, it is worth it to focus on getting it.

Don’t live with regrets of not fighting or doing everything in your power to make something that you want, happen. You are the only one who can accomplish your goals and do what you need to do to succeed.

If you need a little help feeling motivated to keep on fighting, use these inspirational life quotes about fighting for what you want help you pave the way to living your passions:

1. It’s hard to work for what you want.

“You don’t deserve anything. Work for what you want.” — Unknown

2. You have to be

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50 Best Friend Quotes That Teach You How To Be A Good Friend

Plus 8 reasons why she’s your best friend (over all the rest).

From the beginning to the end, your best friend has been your rock, your partner in crime and your favorite drinking buddy. She is someone you can trust and confide in. She doesn’t judge you when it comes to your endless dating life and she understands your thoughts and thinking when others believe you are so weird.

There are so many definitions that talk about what a best friend is, but one thing we all can agree on is that your best friend is your closest friend — one who doesn’t judge you and who loves you regardless of the situation.


Sometimes it’s hard to pick out of all your favorite friends which of them is your best, truest friend, so here are 8 reasons why she’s your best friend (over all the rest of your friends and acquaintances).

1. Your friend has seen you at your worst (and still likes you).

If your friend has seen you and has been there for you during trying and testing times; she isn’t just a friend, she’s your best friend.

2. You can spend time away from each other and it doesn’t seem to matter.

If you guys can line your daily lives without always talking to each other and when you finally do talk you guys fall right into where you left off then she is your soul sister or bestie.

3. You guys keep it real with each other.

If you both can joke with each other and tell each other the truth regardless if it hurts or not then she is a friend to keep.

4. You don’t sweat the small stuff.

You both can get over situations whether it’s together or individually and move right along to the next.

5. Your families are close, too.

You both can go to each other’s family houses or events without feeling uncomfortable. Going in her family’s fridge without permission is something you can do when you are with the bestie’s side of the family because it’s your family too.

6. Talking is not always mandatory.

When you guys are together, you can always spark up a good and long conversation but even in silence, you guys are still close as ever.

7. She buys you the best presents.

She knows your style and likes as well as …

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That’s What Friends Are For — 50 Friendship Quotes That Prove Your BFFs Always Have Your Back

Make friends who force you to level up.

Everyone needs friends. There isn’t a single person in life anywhere, no matter what they say that doesn’t need friends. Humans need human contact to be able to be happy and live normally. Even if you’re an introvert or don’t like physical contact or whatever, everyone still needs friends and people there to support you and talk you through your hard times. Friends are there to love you and support you protect you and help you with your struggles. Friends are there in your life to have your back and defend you no matter what. They are there to be loyal to you and never turn against you or leave you behind.

Friends are people that are hard to come by believing it or not. They are something that you have to be the type of person that you want to attract to be able to make the best friendships for yourself. It is interesting to see how everyone works differently.

I have had a lot of different experiences with friendships. They are not always easy, and they do not always last. It is sad when you find yourself in a friendship where you are the person who is giving more and feeling drained and like your friend doesn’t care as much and isn’t willing to do as much work to keep it afloat. It is hard. Sometimes you have to be the one to admit when a friendship isn’t working out. Real friends are there for you and are willing to make sacrifices to make sure that things are working out and getting better.

Friends are something that everyone needs. We all need someone who is on our side and will love us unconditionally in a platonic way. Romances are for different connections and relationship types. It’s great having people in your life who are consistent and will be there for you no matter. Make sure you find those who are loyal.

1. They are always there for you.

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” — Walter Winchell

2. Sweet sentiment.

“If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.” — Winnie the Pooh

3. Listening is a good skill.

“I like to listen. I have …

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50 Inspirational Quotes About Courage And Strength To Help You Rise Above Your Problems

Everything is going to be okay!

Snap out of that feeling of discouragement and rise above your challenges! This is a gentle reminder you are the hero of your story when you need a little push to be great.

Throughout history, we have witnessed an immense amount of people of all genders, races, and identities who proved that no matter how hard the going gets, there is no reason to stop the journey.

No matter what you’re going through or how you may feel, remember that you are the only person who can alter your emotions and it’s up to you to create a positive life through positive mindsets. And using powerful inspirational quotes about courage can help you get the strength you need to do so.

Life tends to get a bit hectic, especially if you are juggling a full-time job, kids, marriage, and squeezing in social life. Often times we can feel extremely discouraged when the workload piles up and you can’t see the road ahead. Trust the process as much as possible!

You will never have a moment in life where you’ll feel completely stress-free. You will constantly undergo change and it might seem scary at first glance, but it is ultimately molding us into the people we were created to be.

Start your days with writing a list of realistic, short-term goals. You will find delight when you complete whatever it is you were aiming for! After you see yourself completing the smaller goals, start aiming higher and go wild with your own expectations.

If you need a pick me up on those bad days, here are some of the best inspirational quotes about courage and strength to get you through it! We hope you enjoy reading these selected quotes as much as we did putting them together.

1. Tomorrow is a new beginning!

“I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles.”— Audrey Hepburn

2. Who runs the world? GIRLS.

“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”— Brigham Young

3. Work it, girl!

“Whenever you see a successful woman, look out for three men who are going out of their way to try to block her.”— Yulia Tymoshenko

4. Go your own

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