Best Stay Home Stay Safe Quotes, Status, Messages & Thoughts

Best Stay Home Stay Safe Quotes, Status, Messages & Thoughts

Best Stay Home Stay Safe Quotes, Status, Messages & Thoughts

You can reopen a business and build it up again, but you can’t reopen a casket and breathe life back into your loved one’s. Others lives depend on you. Maintain social distance, stay safe and help save lives.

It’s difficult to close a business for 4/5 weeks, but it’s even more difficult to close a casket of a loved one for an entire life. Stay home. Stay safe. Save lives.

After this virus slows down we will realize that degrees, big houses, branded things, jewelry, status, money in bank and your titles never have, never are are and never will be more valuable than life.

These are trying times. When we come out of it together, we’ll have a better world and a cleaner heart.

We can get through this and we will! Stay home, stay safe.

Lord Please Make This Virus GO AWAY, So Many People Are Dying & Suffering. Hear Us & Help Get Our Lives Back To Normal Again.

It’s clear that prevention will never be sufficient. That’s why we need a vaccine that will be safe.

Be your own guest. Stay at home.

I love humanity and I choose to stay home. And save lives for better world!

If you’re struggling that means you still have your life, and yes that is worth more than the dollar or the economy. Stay safe everyone, hardship sucks but life is priceless. Pray for us all.

But I also made it clear to that it’s important to think beyond the old days of when we had the concept that if we blew each other up, the world would be safe. — George W. Bush

Let us all take few minutes everyday to say a prayer for the world to heal and come together in these difficult times. Please be safe.

When the world goes through a pandemic like these, one thing is for sure – we realize the importance of human lives more than ever. Stay safe.

Covid-19 phase is time for reset, look into your inner self, leave things damaging you and your life. Start fresh and build the new you.

Let’s make this world a safer place just by staying indoors. Be safe.

Please do maintain social distances, wear mask and do not attend a large gatherings. Act safe and save lives.

Business may open back up. …

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