Famous Confucius Quotes to Make You Wiser

If we read the world history, we will find many influencing and motivating personalities who have created benchmarks. Their lives not only inspired us but instilled the right paths to follow to improve our lifestyle.

There is a great saying, “people are not born great, but their work and contribution towards society and humans make them great.” One of those names is Confucius. His name is among the most celebrated philosopher of all time in world history.

Different times in world history, portrayed Confucius as a great philosopher, teacher, mentor, editor, activist, and prophet. His holy name “Confucius” came from a combination of Kang’s surname and then honorific suffix master. Many concepts and cultural practices in East Asia, mentioned his name, making him arguably one of the most significant thinkers in East Asian history.

Life of Confucius

The great philosopher Confucius was born at the end of an era known as the spring and autumn in Chinese history. The time was the 6th century BCE. He belonged to the original state of eastern China, known as Lu.

As per many reports, Confucius’s early ancestors are the “Kongs” from the state of song, who was known as an aristocratic family that produced several proficient counselors for the song rulers. In the mid of the 7th century BCE, the family lost their political standing and wealth.

Confucius is believed to live from C.551 to C. 479 BCE. He worked for the Prince of Lu in various positions. Later he started traveling widely in China while meeting with several minor adventurers, including incarceration that lasted for five days due to a case of mistaken identity. But you will be surprised to know that he calmly played his stringed instrument until the error was uncovered. After returning to his hometown, Confucius founded his own school for offering the teaching of the ancients to the students.

Confucius never considered himself a creator, but instead, he called himself a transmitter of the ancient moral traditions. His school was open to all classes, including rich and poor.

Confucius’s Works

Confucius started writing while teaching in his own school. He has two poetry collections, “The book of odes” and “The book of documents.” He also has written the spring and autumn annals telling the history of Lu and the “Book of changes” that consists of a collection of treatises of prophecy.

Confucius was the analects, although there is …

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Blogging Quotes by Bloggers to Get Ultimate Inspiration & Motivation

Do you know what a Blog is? Are you aware of Blogging? Want to learn more about blogging? If you really want to know about blogging, then you are in the right place.

A blog is an online journal or informational website. It displays information in the reverse chronological order, and the latest post appears first. Basically, it is the best platform where a writer or even a group of writers can exchange their views on any topic.

When you are into writing blogs on a frequent basis you become a popular blogger. And this skillful skill is known as Blogging. In simple terms blogging is a tool to make the process of writing, posting, and sharing content on the web.

Nowadays we can see online, many famous bloggers, marketers, and online entrepreneurs saying and sharing some very interesting topics and blogs. Now let’s have a look at the following quotes that will give you the ultimate inspiration and motivation to take action & move on in life.

“If the content is king, consistency is queen.”

Top Internet experts motivational blogging quotes for bloggers that would drive you to blog more. Here are personal Top Blogger Quotes and his/her blog to help you grow in blogging and online industry. Let’s learn together and grow. The great thing about blogging is that it can be acceded anywhere by anyone in the world.

Blogging Quotes

“Blogging is not rocket science. It’s about being yourself and putting what you have into it.”

“If you want to continually grow your blog, you need to learn to blog on a consistent basis.”―  Neil Patel

“Don’t Change Your Goal Change Your Strategy.” — Umer Qureshi, Founder of GuideBlogging

“Blogging gives me a platform to open up my thoughts to the external world.” — Ashmeet Khurana, Founder of Repasor

“Blogging is a beautiful skill to express your feelings & emotions to the right people out there.”

“Put your blog out into the world and hope that your talent will speak for itself.” ― Diablo Cody

“Your Content is the story Your brand shares with the world.” ― Sujan Patel

“Start doing what you want to do. You will only get better with time. Or you’ll realize you want to be doing something else. Either way, one of those things is better than sitting & waiting!”  ― Harsh Agrawal (ShoutMeLoud.com)

“Anyone can write a blog, but the

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Boyfriend Quotes To Bring Excitement In Your Love Life

Boyfriend Quotes are the golden collection of words that will show your truest feelings and affection towards your boyfriend.

Boyfriend Quotes To Bring Excitement In Your Love Life

Tired of finding out ways to express your love and devotion to your lover in a normal way? So why not find out an exciting way of giving cute boyfriend quotations to him. Indeed, this is the easiest and best way to show your love and admiration for him.

Sending him loving boyfriend quotations would definitely help him love you more and more. These boyfriend quotations, aside from being intriguing and special, can make your sweetheart feel some special feeling inside that he may never have felt before.

More than they know, they’ll adore and respect you unconditionally for giving them these cheesy and nice quotations. Only to think about it, any of these quotations will give you a nice laugh. While these boyfriend quotes may verge on being a little romantic as well as exciting in nature, hopefully, your guy will love and adore you more for speaking these phrases. It is of utmost and severe significance to display this remarkable feeling when you really admire your boyfriend.

Hopefully, you will be impressed by these adorable boyfriend quotes to tell the most loved guy in life, and more importantly, your significant other will be delighted and astonished. Although these sweet, romantic and very funny words are relatively plain, at least they can make your man have a good laugh as well as feel like you love him unconditionally. Sending any of these boyfriend quotes to him is highly recommended if you are trying to be a sweet and funny girlfriend.

It doesn’t really matter whether you already have or haven’t said to him ‘I love you.’ It’s important to let him know how much you care, particularly when you just can’t seem to get him out of your mind, but you can’t see him because you’re doing the long-distance thing, or you’re just having a super busy day, week, or month.

So just share out these affectionate Boyfriend Quotes with your loved ones and make their day special and bright like never before.

Boyfriend Quotes

“I love you more than yesterday, less than tomorrow.” — Edmond Rostand

“Thank you, my love, for always making me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.”

“Your eyes are like a mirror to me. I can see my soul in them

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Girlfriend Quotes To Make Your Girl Feel Overwhelmed

Girlfriend Quotes is an excellent collection of the choicest words of love and affection for your beloved.

A relationship has its share of ups and downs, where, in moments of hardship, partners need to be cooperative and a source of pleasure to keep love alive. These girlfriend quotes are about how the girl is more than just a companion in your life, but someone who has seen you in both good and bad times.

Girlfriend Quotes To Make Your Girl Feel Overwhelmed

A girlfriend is a young lady a man is romantically involved with. Girlfriends are a fantastic support force and strong girlfriends always remain faithful to their boyfriends and devoted to them. Girlfriends are great to have given that they appreciate and share with you a degree of trust. But being in a relationship is a full-time job, it’s recommended if you don’t fall for someone and keep your status as single if you can’t stay dedicated and loyal.

Women are a contradictory species; one minute they can be sweet and the next they can be aggressive. Men believe that women have an overdose of feelings, but the fact is women value. In their souls, most women prefer to think rather than their brains, sometimes being bruised in the process. If men were a bit compassionate and tolerant, it wouldn’t matter, being as emotionally strung as women are.

Only make a girlfriend if you are willing to remain faithful and devoted to her. A girlfriend, on the other hand, needs to realize and make several compromises to maintain a friendship and no two people in any way are absolutely alike. Differences of view, sooner or later in a relationship, are expected to creep in. To begin a friendship, it takes two entities, but only one discordant entity to sever it. So, keep things easy as a girlfriend and just learn to love and learn to give.

Although men are doing what they can to satisfy us, all we ask for is a little gratitude, compassion, and the occasional affirmation of how much you love us. These quotations for girlfriends cover all sorts of examples to which men can connect.

So here we share with you some of the most adorable Girlfriend Quotes that will make your girl feel overwhelmed.

Quotes For Girlfriend

“My love for you is a journey, starting at forever and ending at never.”

“I love you not because of who you are, but because

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Quotes About Change In Life That Will Bring Positive Vibes

Change in life is natural, and we have to keep on going with the flow.

Yes, the resisting transition is natural. But it should not be the case. Far from it. In both our personal and professional lives, the transition is ultimately positive for us because it makes us more versatile, introduces us to new ideas and personalities, and opens the doors to more possibilities.

Whenever you intend to make a change, you must first understand that in the first place you are making the change. You should begin this shift by establishing your core beliefs and deciding what is essential to you.

No wonder, in one way or another, we all go through some sort of changes in our life at some points in our life. Although some of these changes can go unnoticed, others may bring about some positive changes in our lives.

Changes are aspects of human life that are unavoidable. Our lives are thrilling and worth experiencing growth, shifts, expectations, and challenges. Such improvements are abrupt, whilst others are long-anticipated and planned to offer us something positive. Changes also shape who we are and place us in positions that we either find very frustrating or beneficial.

Now let’s check some of the ways to make a positive shift in life.

  • For other tasks you plan to do in the future, understanding your natural style can be strong.
  • Get to appreciate your ideas, your interests, your interests, and how they blend with your changing way. You are not operating according to the most powerful approach, which is your approach if you find yourself contrasting yourself with your friends, colleagues, and relatives.
  • Be conscious of the way you explain your transformation and behavior.

It is worth billions to the personal and career growth industry. That’s because, while we can realize what has to happen, we always want a magic pill or something that can immediately make it happen. Anything you really desire in life needs determination, a shift in perspective, and time.

Change is effective and change is normal, but, for your part, it takes some effort. Nothing is really the same in existence. Choose the right strategy and you may develop a picture of yourself, the action plan, and the consequences you expect.

So here we share out the golden words of wisdom through these Quotes About Change in Life that will bring positive vibes all around

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