The Nature-Inspired Playground Equipment

Humans are largely dependent on nature, and most of the cases, nature works as the source of energy. Nature heals us when we became tired, inspire during our hard time, and give us the spirit of working. For a child, nature is the first friend. She grows well, both mentally and physically, when she is in touch with nature. Many studies regarding children and nature say a child with natural attachment is more active than those who are not in contact with nature. Also, nature helps to develop sensory skills.

Almost everything of our surroundings is made of the direct and indirect inspiration of nature. The scenario is not different in terms of playground equipment. Along with some fiction and fantasy-driven equipment, most of the playground equipment is directly inspired by nature.

What is nature-inspired play equipment?

Nature-inspired play equipment is sometimes a piece of a natural element or something that replace nature and create a natural environment. There are few areas like creative play, active play zone, and quiet area. When all these are put together, it creates a natural environment.

In a nature-inspired playground, ordinary things are water, sand, twigs, branches, pebbles, logs, rocks, and fallen leaves. Water is the most common of all. Almost in every playground, you will find a small water fountain or a replica lake area. And besides the water area, the sandy area will be started. Often you will find a rocky area near to the water and sandy area. Items like spades, buckets, and bits of plastic piping are usually included to spark creative thinking.

Why nature-inspired playground equipment?

Penny Whitehouse, the founder of Mother Natured, advised to ‘encourage your child to have muddy, grassy or sandy feet by the end of each day, that’s the childhood they deserve.’

The benefit of the nature-inspired playground is limited to children’s cognitive improvement, but it helps improve social skills, cooperation, and problem-solving. Nature is the way to making themselves aware of the surrounding. Children find themselves curious more about the world and learn to identify the risks. Once they have noticed a risky thing, they start learning risk-taking or avoiding. In short, children learn taking a proper decision through nature.

Fictional equipment and Natural equipment

Children friendly rockets, large tunnels of mazes are trendy playground equipment at this time. These are inspired by science fiction and other scientific elements. Fictional stuff helps to develop the imaginary ability of a child. It also helps the kids in creative thinking.

Now the question is, can it be a replacement for natural equipment? Of course not. Fictional equipment is also needed to ensure the balanced growth of a kid. Along with nature, fictional equipment boosts the learning capability of a child. Even, both fictional and natural equipment help to think from a different perspective, which is essential for kids.

Fictional equipment doesn’t act as a subordinate of natural equipment. Instead, a playground is considered as fully facilitated one when both types of equipment are present.

Natural playground equipment encourages children to learn about the outside world. Moreover, children learn to respect nature from the natural environment. A proper appreciation of life is another benefit that a child learns from outdoor activity, especially from the nature-inspired playground. Natural playground equipment is also safe to use.

For example, it is more reliable and durable when made of wood than plastic or steel materials. Hard plastic or steel may have a sharp edge that can cause physical damage to your kid. You need not think of it when the equipment is made of wood or any other natural material. 

In closing words, nature-inspired equipment is not only helpful for child development but also needed for a sustainable world. Equipment made by natural inspiration can never be replaced with nature, but it helps establish secure communication with nature. Natural equipment draws the connecting line among the diverse characteristics of a human, especially a child, starting from physical and mental development.

When you are thinking of the proper development of your child, nature is the utmost solution. Considering the present time, equipment built from natural inspiration ensures your kid’s satisfaction within your limitations. An amalgamation of both natural and fictional playground equipment develops both imaginary skills and knowledge of realizing the reality from childhood.

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