The Uncertainty

Excerpt: Where the old relations were getting loosen enough, she was getting bonded with Ariyan more and more.

People say time changes people, or in reality, times can show us the real face or nature of people. Ipshita is very practical and can accept the changes in people with time. Time was changing, equations of her life were also changing with the change of time. Raj and she met rarely nowadays. Raj is very happy and excited to start his new life where there is no more fear of losing Ipshita.

Anisha and Meenakshi were also about to finish their graduate studies and only 3-4 months are remaining of their togetherness. Though like all others Ipshita and her soul sisters were promising to be together forever. Somehow Ipshita knew there was a change between Anisha and Meenakshi’s connection which will make the bonding loose and may be faded away.

Raj already has gone mentally before his actual farewell from the city, now he doesn’t call or message frequently. Ipshita is still trying to be well connected to Raj, but Raj seems quite destructed and pulled away from her. She was not happy about this matter she started feeling lonely even in the crowd. Sometimes she feels less connected to Anisha and Meenakshi also nowadays. She is trying her best to keep her stable and to keep everyone together. She knows everything going to change soon drastically. Her friends her comfort zone is at the edge of their bonding.

Where the old relations were getting loosen enough, she was getting bonded with Ariyan more and more. All her loneliness and wishes were getting fulfilled by Ariyan. Ariyan started knowing her little better than before. He is getting attached to her day by day, this bonding was amazing platonic connections, which can only be felt. They like each other’s company they keep talking for hours after office.

She felt tremendous happiness but fear inside if she has to give up on this closeness also means. Where she will go, who will listen to her and give her a safe hand to ride throughout her path. 2 more months remained and after this, she doesn’t know who will be there with her Raj or Ariyan??

“The present is the best present you can give to anyone”, Ipshita uttered to Ariyan.

She was lost about the future thought of losing Ariyan forever. After the office, they used to meet in a small walking park near to the locality. They used to seat together for hours while laughing, and promising to be with each other at least in every problem. Ipshita care for Ariyan, she wanna see him growing in all the aspects of his life. Behind the park, there was a temple while walking Ipshita could hear that evening prayer been offered to God. From her inside her soul daily prayed to GOD, that Ariyan should stay in the same city no matter how!!

That day she loses control over her emotions and holds him tightly looked into his eyes and asked to stay. Ariyan hugged her tightly and made her calm down.

Ariyan said,” bring a solid reason for me to stay here? if you can I will stay.”

She was more confused and disturbed and lost in her thought. Inside her, she was fighting with her inner soul to accept the fact that she has fallen for Ariyan.

……….to be continued

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