Will I be ever able to say? – Naina Aggarwal

I remember the day when i joined my new school in class 11. It was 24 april my first day.then i on second day of my school i joined a coaching.when i entered in coaching i saw a boy standing in front of me .he entered the same class which i was going to,i also entered and sat on third seat ,he was sitting on first seat so i was not able to see his face. I felt attracted towards  him before this i have never felt such type of things. I was like a tomboy in my old school and mistly boys were afraid of him.i didnt saw his face,didnt knew his name but felt something magical.when i went to school next day i saw that he was in my class and was absent for first two days. I recognised him without seeing his face. In coaching i got to know that he is shubham. I was not able to understand what was happening to me. I use to spot him everywhere.  My eyes used to search him everywhere.

We were nice frnds. Months passed and on 11 November we went on picnic to water park.both of us were together most of the time.even we played for a long time together with water in bus shubham sat in front of me.aftwr that time some beautiful incidents occurred and we gave some nicknames to tease each other. He use to call me kawaali and ahir and i used to call him pandit.some of my frnds were guessing names of boys suitable for me suddenly pandit (shubham)came and we passed a smile to each other.this was noticed by our frnds and they started to tease both of us by each others name. After months of teasing i realise that yes i love him❤. Then we went in class 12 but the teasing sctions went on and we used to blush on each others name.

His frnds use to call me bhabhi sometimes and ask what have i packed in his tiffin   . I knew that i love him but i never accepted that i do. I use to deny before everyone.one if his frnds used to say to me that i dont like pandit but i love pandit.. i just got angry on him . It is very hard to hide feelings and especially from frnds. My frnds says that he always sees me and he likes me. But i dont know that he likes me or not. I have many beautiful memories with him which i will never be able to forget. I cannot say to him what i feel for him because my parents are very strict. This is my first and last love story because i dont think i will be able to love anyone again .

My frnds say that he is very very cute,yes he is. But i dont like or love him die to his cuteness but due to his stupidities,his childish  behaviour. I will never be able to forget my dreams which come when i sleep about him.  In my dreams also his cute behaviour and he comes and there also not able to say him anything after four months our boards will occur and after that i will not be able to see him never ever   i will miss u pandit. But what about now will 8 be able to say to u that i love u… i really love u pandit…this every frnd of us knows and understands then why not u? I will never be able…………naina agrawal

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