XOXO! 40 Of The Best ‘Gossip Girl’ Quotes Of All Time

XOXO! 40 Of The Best 'Gossip Girl' Quotes Of All Time

You know you love me.

The glitz and glam of Manhattan (and the occasional Brooklyn scene) was showcased to the public through the lense of teenagers from the Upper East Side. Gossip Girl, a transcending show airing in the 2000s, had us falling in love with fashion, trends, and, of course, Blair and Serena.

And what better way to celebrate this amazing show than with some Gossip Girl quotes? Read on as we recap our favorite moments from our favorite characters, with 40 iconic quotes and moments from the show. 

1. Knowing what’s classy

“Once men have tasted caviar, it baffles me how they settle for catfish.”

2. Putting yourself first

“I’m not a stop along the way. I’m a destination.” 

3. Trust fate

“If two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back.”

4. Set your own stage

“I didn’t come back for you.”

5. Mimosa, please!

“I don’t need friends, I need more champagne.”

6. Make love a priority 

“You don’t give up on the people you love.”

7. Would you like fries with that?

“I’ve been so good for so long, it’s time for me to be bad.”

8. After a long day

“Vodka on the rocks. Big glass, not too many rocks, three olives.”

9. Friends have your back, always

“As long as we have each other, we’re gonna be okay.”

10. Falling into anything

“I think I know why they call it ‘falling in love’. ‘Cause it feels like you’re falling off a cliff, and falling off a cliff is not a good thing.”

11. Especially when talking about pretty shoes

“Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop.”

12. No man necessary 

“Oh, my life is so bountiful. I don’t need a boyfriend to feel fulfilled.”

13. Keep persisting 

“If you really want something, you don’t stop for anyone or anything until you get it.”

14. Sometimes, even when it seems perfect, things don’t work out

“You had someone who loved you unconditionally, treated you right, and wanted to be with you every day, and then you threw that all away.”

15. When life knocks you down, get back up again

“You’ll find another way to show the world you’re a force to be reckoned with.”

16. After every group project

“Once again, the world has proven anything you can do, I can do better.”

17. When attending holiday reunions with family

“You always seem to be toeing the line of mediocrity.”

18. The epitome of small talk

“I’d ask you how you are but I don’t really care.”

19. Why hats exist

“Ignore my roots.”

20. There’s nothing more painful than unrequited love

“I was falling for someone who wants nothing to do with me.”

21. Grab life by the horn

“Destiny is for losers. It’s just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen.”

22. Forbidden fate

“Just because we can’t be together doesn’t mean I don’t love you.”

23. When the insults hit hard

“Oh, darling, go buy a personality.”

24. Be honest about how you’re feeling

“I’ve been acting like I’m okay… but I’m not.”

25. The truth of online dating

“He only has one facial expression. It scares me.”

26. Cinderella who?

“We make our own fairytales.”

27. Just a casual Saturday afternoon

“We Upper East Siders don’t do lazy. Breakfast is brunch and it comes with champagne, a dress code, and a hundred of our closest friends… and enemies.”

28. Who is Chuck Bass without Blair?

“Are you okay.”

“I am now.”

29. Channeling your inner Beyoncé

“I’m queen with or without you.”

30. Beauty tips and tricks

“Lipstick lasts longer, but gloss is more fun.”

31. Got love on the mind

“I love you so much, it consumes me.”

32. What do they say about honey and vinegar again?

“You can’t make people love you, but you can make them fear you.”

33. Make room for those who make room for you

“I don’t need anybody in my life who doesn’t wanna be there.”

34. Controlling emotions can be quite a battle

“We are not servants to our emotions. We can control them, suppress them, stomp them out like bugs.”

35. Remembering the classics

“I’ve never been Bette Davis before. I am Audrey Hepburn. Not some plain baby Jane.”

36. Don’t be afraid to go after what you want

“Don’t enter into a false life just because you’re scared to face your real one.”

37. Brunch anyone?

“Have a little faith, and if that doesn’t work, have a lot of mimosas.”

38. So, what are you looking for in a relationship?

“The most important thing in a relationship is trust… after sex, and hygiene, and earning potential.”

39. When true love runs deep

“You still love her, huh?”

“I can’t imagine the day I wont.”

40. And finally…

“You know you love me… XOXO, Gossip Girl.”

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